Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where We ARE With This....

Welcome!  When this all started the focus was media and politics, but the thinking here has sort of evolved, and with writing has come enlightenment, and with enlightenment has come recognition of something more deserving of attention than anything else.

In short, the African Americans experience with the Democratic Party, especially over the last 50 years has led, literally, to a national holocaust - an unrecognized, even secret holocaust, since most, if not all of our media was and is in the hands of those who are either (in ascending order of likelihood) blind, willfully blind, blind but don't care, know full well what's going on but don't care, know full well what's going but are afraid to say anything, know full well what's going on and support it one hundred percent.  My money is on the last reason, and for those people exposure is frightening.

So, with full knowledge that this is an issue that is bound to be controversial, it is time to soldier on.

So, in the main, the focus from here on in will be on how the Democratic Party, the most corrupt organization on planet Earth, has used, abused, raped, looted, spit upon and manipulated African Americans for all of almost two centuries, and how it engaged in doing the same to Latinos.  God help us all if these evil organization is successful!