Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A comment (with a few modifications)  found elsewhere.  If you think this is racist then you really should examine your own standards, and gain some understanding as to how you have been conditioned by a Democratic media that is utterly hostile to the black community:

The black community used to strive to prove its humanity and worth to a white community that was largely indifferent and sometimes hostile to it's plight. When blacks became accepted by much of white society, the black community became largely indifferent and hostile to the values established by the majority culture. The lack of discipline and acceptance of lower standards for blacks on the part of the Democrats who govern most areas with  large black populations guarantees that the majority of blacks will fail.

It is truly ironic that bending over backwards by Democrats so as not to appear racist has resulted in damage to the black community beyond even the wildest dreams of the Klan. Democrats have replaced the real chains of slavery and Jim Crow with invisible chains of low expectations and dependence, and then stand back and watch the blacks destroy themselves rather than get their hands dirty doing it as was their practice in the old south.

To top it off, Democrats also claim to be the "good guys" fighting for social justice even as the community is mired in poverty and violence, all as a result of Democrats so called good intentions.

The black community must stop tearing itself apart and realize that its REAL problem is the Democratic devil on their shoulder that has been whispering into their collective ears for the past 50 years.