Monday, November 28, 2011


Or how the Democrats have destroyed a large segment of the poor, by destroying their families, criminalizing their communities, promoting dependency and institutionalizing hopelessness and racism.  And how they have become an institution premised on receiving taxpayer funds from public unions in return for which the Democrats begger the private sector, and ensure permanent conditions of unemployment. 
It's about how one political party has made poverty a permanent condition for an entire group of people, and how it has caused a national holocaust against African Americans, first through slavery, then through Jim Crow, the KKK, lynchings and all the rest.  Then when African Americans were poised to join the upper classes of American society it how this one party ensured that most American blacks would remain poor, their families shattered and their communities subject to what would have been considered insane levels of crime, while the group became ever more dependent on government.  Democrats also suborned and co-opted black leadership, so that being a good Democrat is now more important - much more important than aiding the community.

And, of course, the media by adopting a political correctness standard the media insured that blame would never fall on the Democrats for this national holocaust - although the media is where the blame should fall most - since they have remained silent or have backed the group that was engaged in a national holocaust - the Democratic party. 

For over 50 years the Democratic party has used, abused, spit upon, shattered the families of, criminalized the community and wrung money from the black community. Prior to that the party did all it could to keep the group in fear - while at the same time using its hold on the media to blame Republicans - as if Republicans could possibly have done any of this.  It wasn't Republicans that in 1968 adopted laws that led to the importation of millions of immigrants who took jobs that had traditionally been done by African Americans.  It wasn't Republicans that left the community to the tender mercies of those getting rich off the poverty industry.

These people in the Democratic Party don't see a problem to solve - they get 100% of the vote now, so everything is just peachy to them.  These are children whose futures have been destroyed out of misplaced loyalty to a corrupt organization.

And now that excuses are getting ever more thin, co-opted Democrats still point the finger at Republicans - as if every Southern Democrat suddenly took over the leadership of the Republican party. Aside from the fact that this evades the issue - it is simply untrue - the Dixiecrats didn't suddenly take over the Republican leadership, they switched parties but Republicans never accepted the southern Democrats racism - which had previously been policy for the Democrat party.

And it also evades the issue - which is the destruction of the African American community in America by Democrats. 50 years! And no one expects it to turn around - ever. That's the legacy of loyalty to the Democratic party. The party that you EJ support - the most corrupt institution on the  planet.

And get a good look everyone else - the Democratic model is headed for your community.

And if loyalty to the Democratic party is so beneficial then after 50 years shouldn't the black community be arguing for tax breaks for the wealthy? Instead, flash mobs - and no end in sight.

Is it racist to even mention this?  That's what the politically correct media would say - they want all of it to remain hidden - but after 50 years it should be enough. Do we want to wait another 50 years, lose more generations?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Democrats have used entitlement spending to create pockets of permanent dependence on government while at the same time destroying the family, co-opting leadership, and criminalizing the community.  This methodology has been effectively used for decades against blacks, and it is now being used with equal effectiveness on Latinos.  At the same time, Democrats also use anti-business tactics to drive out Republicans and all others who disagree with their agenda, hidden though it is.

For Democrats, poverty creation and dependence is the goal. And with the example of one group in mind, it's pretty clear exactly how all this plays out.

We are speaking about blacks, and the Democratic Party.  After 50 years of solid, nearly 100% support for Democrats, such that adherence to the Democrats is reflexive in black politics, how has it all worked out? Are blacks among the wealthiest Americans, with intact families, free from from crime, with the highest education achievements and arguing that tax breaks for the wealthy are a good thing?

We know that the foregoing isn't true - the black experience under Democratic leadership has been one of shattered families, criminalized communities, government dependence at all levels, and dismal education achievement.

We also know that to even mention any of this is considered racist.

How did it all happen? How did the civil rights movement go so very bad - so very bad such that no one seriously believes any of this is going to change any time soon, if ever? Was it the Republicans who did this?

Of course it wasn't Republicans - the answer is very simple -the Democratic party put leaders in the black community who could care less about the community so long as the votes are delivered. So a relationship was created under which taxpayer funds were used to create a dependence between the community and government. One direct consequence of this was destruction of the black family, as predicted by Moynihan. But that didn't matter to black Democrat leaders - they have the votes, so what if the community was dying?

And now it's 50 years on and what we have is what you see in those flash mob videos is what the community got for all that loyalty.  You satisfied with that? And at some point, you have to understand that it is all by design, that creation of the dependence was the goal, not the consequence, and that no one truly cares. Certainly not a leadership that could allow a Sharp James or Marion Barry, both of which have or will have come backs.

And what does that mean to the people involved? Tens of millions of people denied futures through following the Democratic party, toeing the party line, for decades now, and what do they have to show for it other than shattered lives, no family, except gangs since people without family will create even a twisted gang family if they have nothing else.  How could this happen? Especially since the reins of power are in the hands of the leadership of the community - the Democratic party is in firm control of power in the areas where it has the votes - power and money.

It is and has been intentional - blacks repressed by the same Democratic party - the party of slavery, doing it again - for 50 years now, creating a national holocaust under the very noses of those in power. Millions denied any possible future - children - who I saw in Essex County Juvenile Court in the '90's, showing up with no one - and I bet these Dickensensian scenes are still being played out not only there but in a hundred other places.

This evil institution, which would import voters who take jobs away from the very group that gives it 100% support - by the millions and for decades now. And the media refuses to call out the Democratic party for its crimes against African Americans since to do so in their twisted mind would be to go against an institution to which they have formed their own ties.

How does this happen? How do millions of people get fooled like this? How can so many people be so blinded to what's going on? Or, more scary indeed, how can there be so many people who are committed to doing this great evil, who would sacrifice an entire group of millions of people so they can get ahead. It's one or the other, since the evil is there - to not see it is willful blindness.

And to those who  say the other side - Republicans - are even worse, could you possibly imagine a worse outcome than what has happened to African Americans these last 50 years? How could it be worse than the what is going on in the ghettos? Although it isn't relevant to the discussion, you really think that somehow southern racist Dixiecrats simply changed to the Republican leadership - that southern Republicans would actually adopt those same racist views, instead of insisting, as they did, that racist Democrats drop the racism when they joined the party. (except of course, in Arkansas - where the Dixiecrats never lost power - hmmmm..) .

But even that's beside the point - the point is what the Democrats have done to blacks these last 50 years - or 150 but who is counting?  You tell me how could any group have done worse than blacks over the last 50 years- this the price of giving 100% support to the Democrats. Shattered families, a criminalized community, millions in prison, no education and all the rest.

What about the future? You see any possibility of any of this getting better?  I don't. No one else does, either, not seriously. Democrats won't even see that they are the problem! So it won't change - it can only get worse, and it has since the generation of grandmothers is gone. My home city - Newark, New Jersey - never changes, it just gets worse.

Somehow it finally dawned that the people running things like it just the way it is - and they make sure the media under their control never says a thing - you won't see any media going after black leadership for crimes against the community.

But one day there will be a reckoning - on how one political party destroyed an entire group, and doomed millions of its children to a life of crime and little education. Democrats - the people in control, the people that blacks give all of their support, are the problem, not the key to the solution - after 50 years how is it possible that we all don't see that? That the Democrats will never allow change since to do so would be to jeopardize their control over the community.

And the excuses - where they bother to make them anymore - are thin indeed - you see anything done by the Democrats despite having all of the power?  Somehow it got to be the Republicans fault  - the same people who are not within miles of the community.

So you either see it like it is and do something, are a fool, or see it and don't care, for a number of reasons, most of them corrupt.

In ten years the community will not have changed except for the worse. So what you going to do about it?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Democratic Plan for America

What's being done by Democrats to make it tougher for the private sector is intentional, the aim being to drive Republicans out of certain areas and to solidify the Democratic hold on power. Any loss of population can be offset with immigration, since new immigrants tend to vote for Democrats in the very mistaken belief that Democrats favor the poor.

Therefore, calls on Democrats to do things to make the state more business friendly always fall of deaf ears - Democrats will make a show of taking this issue seriously but in the end nothing gets done. Why? Simply this - the Democratic party has nothing to gain from prosperity, since those who are most successful understand that Democrats are anti-business and vote accordingly. Why make conditions better if the result is loss of power?

As an example, take the African American experience with the Democratic Party. Since in or around 1960 African Americans have voted Democrat in overwhelming numbers. And the Democratic Party is and has been in control in virtually all of cities with large African American populations since the 1970's. In addition, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in anti-poverty programs aimed at improving conditions in the African American inner city communities.

Given the foregoing, if Democrats were truly interested in bettering the community, African American inner city communities should be wealthy, the population should be well educated, and there should be little or no crime. In fact of course, the opposite is true - despite being firmly in control for say 50 years, African Americans in the inner cities are subject to unbelievable amounts of crime, the education achievements are less than dismal, poverty is the rule and wealth the exception, and the African American family is in tatters with an 80% out of wedlock birth rate. All of this while at the same time, African Americans year in and year out vote close to 100% for Democrats. In fact, as shown by the NAACP, the black leadership now almost completely co-opted by and identified with the Democratic Party, upon which it depends for money and power.

At some point there has to be an understanding that all of the foregoing is is intentional, that Democrats have hit upon a formula for maintaining a huge proportion of the vote while at the same time delivering no benefit at all to the community - in fact, ensuring that the community remains poor, uneducated and the family unit non-existent. Under these circumstances one would expect that the community would look to someone else, but the Democratic lock on the media has adopted a political correctness standard under which none of the failures of the Democrats is not mentioned. In other words, don't look to a "60 Minutes" expose' of Democratic failures in the inner cities. Under the standard adopted by the Democratic media, to even mention the awful stats in the community is deemed racist.

How does the foregoing apply in other areas like California? Democratic leaders are applying the same permanent impoverishment techniques used successfully in the African American community to Latinos. And, the anti-business policies are driving Republicans out of the state. The terrible part of this is that no matter how bad economic conditions get Democrats never get the blame - the protections afforded by a firm control over most of the media ensure this, along with the usual race and ethnic baiting.

Is there any hope? Not under these circumstances. Absent an awakening by the public to the institutional corruption that has taken hold of the Democratic Party - where the party has hit upon a steady source of funding by funneling taxpayer dollars through public unions - areas in which Democrats are dominant can expect a steady economic erosion, with finger pointing at everything but the real cause.

The surprise in all of this is how Democrats have been able to get away with this all these years. How is it that no one has noticed that, despite full control by Democrats for decades, the African American community in the inner cities never achieves wealth, education and low crime, while immigrants cycle through the community? (that's another issue - how Democrats sacrificed jobs traditionally held by African Americans in order to get votes from new immigrants). The excuses of these leaders are thin indeed, along with the corruption of those in the leadership - Marion Barry, Sharp James comes to mind.

It's a negative view, but that's what we are facing.

Friday, November 4, 2011


It is a wonder how the Democrats manage a seamless integration with the media that supports them - and the public never catches on to the way this works. Remember homelessness? That was the driving issue during the Reagan era - for awhile it was all we heard from the traditional press. This campaign was part of the overall Democratic demonization of Reagan as being unsympathetic to the poor.

But, what happened to the homeless? Did they disappear? No, what happened is Clinton - with the election of Bill Clinton all of the references to poor suddenly stopped.  The media no longer had a need to describe the country as a place overrun by homeless people. Happy days were here again!

Now with Democratic strategy focused on painting Republicans as the servants of the wealthy, the focus is on "income disparity."  And the Democratic media is playing its part with story after story on this issue. 

The assertion is, of course, nonsensical, on may levels.  First, the plight of the "poor" is consistently overstated by the Democratic media.  Want proof?  The Census Bureau, which was brought under Obama Administration control a few years ago, was just compelled to release a report showing that poverty in the US has been substantially exaggerated.  Under prior reports,  programs such as food stamps and tax credits, which together delivered $221 billion across the country last year, were not calculated. Ridiculous, right? When these programs are calculated the "poor" are not very poor at all. 

And just what makes the "poor" poor?  Democrats make it a point to ignore the 40% out of wedlock births in the United States as the cause of anything.  Half of all births in the Latino community are to single mothers. For African Americans is closer to 80%.    Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965 and later in 1974 warned that births to single mothers would result in high crime rates, poor performance in school, and high unemployment,  Back then, 24% of African American births were to single mothers. Today the illegitimacy rate for white women is 28%. Moynahan wrote, "A community that allows a large number of men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship with male authority, never acquiring rational expectations about the future — that community asks for and gets chaos."

Those concerned about rising financial inequality need to look at the actual causes.  What is new is a rapidly metastasising underclass, the result, not of exploitative capitalism, but of Democratic policies meant to ensure the existence of a permanent class of dependent people, forever demanding money and voting for Democrats who deliver it.  Democratic support for single motherhood, and the failure to recognize its utter destructiveness of society at large has incapacitated the lowest third of the population. It is largely unsocialized, and uneducable. Addicted to drugs and govt handouts, this mass of the congenitally poor explains the widening gap between our healthy middle class and America's underbelly.  it is a situation that is patently acceptable to the Democratic party which profits by the willingness of those involved to vote for the very people who ensure that they remain exactly where they are. this includes African Americans, whose community has been destroyed by Democratic policies, and who have no chance of escaping the endless cycle of poverty that grips it. For African Americans it is a modern day holocaust, caused by the very people into whose hands they have placed themselves, in a misinformed effort to improve their lot during the civil rights era.

The problem is not with the rich up above. It is with the professors and politicians and professional moralizers who have cultivated this disaster, and from the Democratic Party who have profited by it.