Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Democratic Plan for America

What's being done by Democrats to make it tougher for the private sector is intentional, the aim being to drive Republicans out of certain areas and to solidify the Democratic hold on power. Any loss of population can be offset with immigration, since new immigrants tend to vote for Democrats in the very mistaken belief that Democrats favor the poor.

Therefore, calls on Democrats to do things to make the state more business friendly always fall of deaf ears - Democrats will make a show of taking this issue seriously but in the end nothing gets done. Why? Simply this - the Democratic party has nothing to gain from prosperity, since those who are most successful understand that Democrats are anti-business and vote accordingly. Why make conditions better if the result is loss of power?

As an example, take the African American experience with the Democratic Party. Since in or around 1960 African Americans have voted Democrat in overwhelming numbers. And the Democratic Party is and has been in control in virtually all of cities with large African American populations since the 1970's. In addition, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in anti-poverty programs aimed at improving conditions in the African American inner city communities.

Given the foregoing, if Democrats were truly interested in bettering the community, African American inner city communities should be wealthy, the population should be well educated, and there should be little or no crime. In fact of course, the opposite is true - despite being firmly in control for say 50 years, African Americans in the inner cities are subject to unbelievable amounts of crime, the education achievements are less than dismal, poverty is the rule and wealth the exception, and the African American family is in tatters with an 80% out of wedlock birth rate. All of this while at the same time, African Americans year in and year out vote close to 100% for Democrats. In fact, as shown by the NAACP, the black leadership now almost completely co-opted by and identified with the Democratic Party, upon which it depends for money and power.

At some point there has to be an understanding that all of the foregoing is is intentional, that Democrats have hit upon a formula for maintaining a huge proportion of the vote while at the same time delivering no benefit at all to the community - in fact, ensuring that the community remains poor, uneducated and the family unit non-existent. Under these circumstances one would expect that the community would look to someone else, but the Democratic lock on the media has adopted a political correctness standard under which none of the failures of the Democrats is not mentioned. In other words, don't look to a "60 Minutes" expose' of Democratic failures in the inner cities. Under the standard adopted by the Democratic media, to even mention the awful stats in the community is deemed racist.

How does the foregoing apply in other areas like California? Democratic leaders are applying the same permanent impoverishment techniques used successfully in the African American community to Latinos. And, the anti-business policies are driving Republicans out of the state. The terrible part of this is that no matter how bad economic conditions get Democrats never get the blame - the protections afforded by a firm control over most of the media ensure this, along with the usual race and ethnic baiting.

Is there any hope? Not under these circumstances. Absent an awakening by the public to the institutional corruption that has taken hold of the Democratic Party - where the party has hit upon a steady source of funding by funneling taxpayer dollars through public unions - areas in which Democrats are dominant can expect a steady economic erosion, with finger pointing at everything but the real cause.

The surprise in all of this is how Democrats have been able to get away with this all these years. How is it that no one has noticed that, despite full control by Democrats for decades, the African American community in the inner cities never achieves wealth, education and low crime, while immigrants cycle through the community? (that's another issue - how Democrats sacrificed jobs traditionally held by African Americans in order to get votes from new immigrants). The excuses of these leaders are thin indeed, along with the corruption of those in the leadership - Marion Barry, Sharp James comes to mind.

It's a negative view, but that's what we are facing.

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