Monday, November 28, 2011


Or how the Democrats have destroyed a large segment of the poor, by destroying their families, criminalizing their communities, promoting dependency and institutionalizing hopelessness and racism.  And how they have become an institution premised on receiving taxpayer funds from public unions in return for which the Democrats begger the private sector, and ensure permanent conditions of unemployment. 
It's about how one political party has made poverty a permanent condition for an entire group of people, and how it has caused a national holocaust against African Americans, first through slavery, then through Jim Crow, the KKK, lynchings and all the rest.  Then when African Americans were poised to join the upper classes of American society it how this one party ensured that most American blacks would remain poor, their families shattered and their communities subject to what would have been considered insane levels of crime, while the group became ever more dependent on government.  Democrats also suborned and co-opted black leadership, so that being a good Democrat is now more important - much more important than aiding the community.

And, of course, the media by adopting a political correctness standard the media insured that blame would never fall on the Democrats for this national holocaust - although the media is where the blame should fall most - since they have remained silent or have backed the group that was engaged in a national holocaust - the Democratic party. 

For over 50 years the Democratic party has used, abused, spit upon, shattered the families of, criminalized the community and wrung money from the black community. Prior to that the party did all it could to keep the group in fear - while at the same time using its hold on the media to blame Republicans - as if Republicans could possibly have done any of this.  It wasn't Republicans that in 1968 adopted laws that led to the importation of millions of immigrants who took jobs that had traditionally been done by African Americans.  It wasn't Republicans that left the community to the tender mercies of those getting rich off the poverty industry.

These people in the Democratic Party don't see a problem to solve - they get 100% of the vote now, so everything is just peachy to them.  These are children whose futures have been destroyed out of misplaced loyalty to a corrupt organization.

And now that excuses are getting ever more thin, co-opted Democrats still point the finger at Republicans - as if every Southern Democrat suddenly took over the leadership of the Republican party. Aside from the fact that this evades the issue - it is simply untrue - the Dixiecrats didn't suddenly take over the Republican leadership, they switched parties but Republicans never accepted the southern Democrats racism - which had previously been policy for the Democrat party.

And it also evades the issue - which is the destruction of the African American community in America by Democrats. 50 years! And no one expects it to turn around - ever. That's the legacy of loyalty to the Democratic party. The party that you EJ support - the most corrupt institution on the  planet.

And get a good look everyone else - the Democratic model is headed for your community.

And if loyalty to the Democratic party is so beneficial then after 50 years shouldn't the black community be arguing for tax breaks for the wealthy? Instead, flash mobs - and no end in sight.

Is it racist to even mention this?  That's what the politically correct media would say - they want all of it to remain hidden - but after 50 years it should be enough. Do we want to wait another 50 years, lose more generations?

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