Friday, November 4, 2011


It is a wonder how the Democrats manage a seamless integration with the media that supports them - and the public never catches on to the way this works. Remember homelessness? That was the driving issue during the Reagan era - for awhile it was all we heard from the traditional press. This campaign was part of the overall Democratic demonization of Reagan as being unsympathetic to the poor.

But, what happened to the homeless? Did they disappear? No, what happened is Clinton - with the election of Bill Clinton all of the references to poor suddenly stopped.  The media no longer had a need to describe the country as a place overrun by homeless people. Happy days were here again!

Now with Democratic strategy focused on painting Republicans as the servants of the wealthy, the focus is on "income disparity."  And the Democratic media is playing its part with story after story on this issue. 

The assertion is, of course, nonsensical, on may levels.  First, the plight of the "poor" is consistently overstated by the Democratic media.  Want proof?  The Census Bureau, which was brought under Obama Administration control a few years ago, was just compelled to release a report showing that poverty in the US has been substantially exaggerated.  Under prior reports,  programs such as food stamps and tax credits, which together delivered $221 billion across the country last year, were not calculated. Ridiculous, right? When these programs are calculated the "poor" are not very poor at all. 

And just what makes the "poor" poor?  Democrats make it a point to ignore the 40% out of wedlock births in the United States as the cause of anything.  Half of all births in the Latino community are to single mothers. For African Americans is closer to 80%.    Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965 and later in 1974 warned that births to single mothers would result in high crime rates, poor performance in school, and high unemployment,  Back then, 24% of African American births were to single mothers. Today the illegitimacy rate for white women is 28%. Moynahan wrote, "A community that allows a large number of men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship with male authority, never acquiring rational expectations about the future — that community asks for and gets chaos."

Those concerned about rising financial inequality need to look at the actual causes.  What is new is a rapidly metastasising underclass, the result, not of exploitative capitalism, but of Democratic policies meant to ensure the existence of a permanent class of dependent people, forever demanding money and voting for Democrats who deliver it.  Democratic support for single motherhood, and the failure to recognize its utter destructiveness of society at large has incapacitated the lowest third of the population. It is largely unsocialized, and uneducable. Addicted to drugs and govt handouts, this mass of the congenitally poor explains the widening gap between our healthy middle class and America's underbelly.  it is a situation that is patently acceptable to the Democratic party which profits by the willingness of those involved to vote for the very people who ensure that they remain exactly where they are. this includes African Americans, whose community has been destroyed by Democratic policies, and who have no chance of escaping the endless cycle of poverty that grips it. For African Americans it is a modern day holocaust, caused by the very people into whose hands they have placed themselves, in a misinformed effort to improve their lot during the civil rights era.

The problem is not with the rich up above. It is with the professors and politicians and professional moralizers who have cultivated this disaster, and from the Democratic Party who have profited by it.

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