Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Media at It Again

Notice how the articles on the various Occupy Wall Street protest never say how many protestors there are? When the Tea Party had rallies in 2009 and 2010 the media was obsessed with numbers, and a hundred thousand was the norm. Now that Occupy whatever manages to get small numbers of people (the only estimates: Los Angeles - 43 people, Oakland, 300) we never get crowd estimates.  Do you know how many people are in these protests?  Relatively few, especially in comparison with the enormous amount of coverage. 

Typical media bias. Would the press pay that much attention to Tea Party rallies? We had a similar amount of people at our last Tea Party rally and got no mention in the national press.

Also no mention of the fact that the owner of Zucotti park - which is the only entity that can toss out the protesters, got a huge grant from the Obama Administration for wind farms. And Biden talked about an explosion of discontentment right before the Occupy movement started.

So we have a movement planned, executed and carried through by the Obama Administration, with no press interest in investigating any of this.

You people like being played?  Isn't this a good reason to distrust the traditional media?

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