Thursday, October 6, 2011


Now that Obama has lost the independent voters, of whom 41% now strongly believe Obama is doing a bad job of being President, and a much greater percentage who say they wouldn't vote for him.  He's also  lost the white vote two to one, and racism isn't the reason - it is Obama's politics and leadership that re the  problem.  Obama's losing the Latino vote as well, as Latinos wise up to the fact that the ruin the Democratic party wreaked on the African American community is planned for them as well.

Obama still has the African American vote in outsize numbers but at last he is starting to show weakness there was well.  More and more African Americans are coming to understand that the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow hasn't changed that much. In fact, Democratic Senators elected and re-elected a former member of the KKK to Senate leadership position in the 70's, 80's and 90's- someone who refused to join the military because he would  be serving alongside African Americans, someone who was praised by the KKK for increasing membership and who was in the KKK through his mid-twenties.  We are talking about Robert Byrd, of course, and who is to say that this man was ever repentant for all the evil things he did? Certainly no Republican would ever be allowed to serve with his record - wouldn't you call that a double standard?

And it wasn't Republican governor's that stood in the doorways of schools preventing black children from getting in. 

Democrats have now held almost complete sway in the African American communities for well over 50 years. Their record isn't pretty.  Waves of immigrants go through the cities - allowed in in order to have more Democratic votes - the same people who took jobs and benefits meant for black Americans. You think there is support in the black community for immigration?  And you would think that a party interested in helping the black community and getting close to 100% loyalty in return wouldn't allow that to happen.

Democratic media - the national or traditional media has a policy in place - political correctness - under which we can't even know how bad it is in the black community since to do so would be to make black Democratic politicians look bad. And black Democratic leaders get rich in the poverty industry - you would have to be blind not to see it.  No matter how bad it gets, no matter that the black family has been progressively destroyed by Democratic policies - these people get elected over and over again. And when Republicans were finally making inroads in 2005 your paper along with others manufactured a scandal out of the response to Katrina.  That was, after all, what it was all about.

It is said that Republicans never make an effort to talk to the black community. Well any effort they do make is scoffed at, they are accused of being racist etc.  It's a two way street, and if you like the corruption and cronyism that is the hallmark of today's cities then let it stay the way it is.

But how many years of failure does it take for people to wake up to the fact that their so-called friends - even those in the leadership positions - are their bitter enemies? 

Guess what you see in those flash mob videos?  THAT is the legacy of years and years and years of Democrat Party control over the black community. And the Party likes things just the way they are- after all - why change since Democrats get all the votes. For the Democratic party conditions in the black community are perfect, and should not be changed one bit. Want an education - go to Essex County New Jersey Juvenile Court and watch as children cycle through the system - black children without so much as a grandmother to stand up for them. This is an area that has been controlled by Democrats for over a century, and where enormous amounts of money get collected, and simply disappears. This is the legacy of the Democratic Party for the black community - the worst mistake it could have made ca. 1965, embracing this organization of racists, thieves and murderers.

And, sorry to say there are people in the media who should know better  want more of the same.  How many more years of failure will it take for the community to wake up to the fact that they have been used, abused, mistreated, stepped on by an organization that has no intention of doing anything other than what they have been doing for 150 years or so.

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