Tuesday, October 4, 2011


California is yet another example of what happens when Democrats take control of anything these days. The Democratic Party has transformed itself into something that is among the most corrupt organizations on the planet.  It has embraced its dark side - the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow and lynchings is now in the business of destroying communities.

As an organization the Democratic Party is institutionally corrupt, relying on taxpayer dollars funneled through public unions. It ruins everything it touches. California is in the hands of this organization which after it seizes power (usually by using its power within the national media to sharply define groups and then turning each group against the other) uses government to drive out all those who disagree with its vision of turning the populace into dependents, by destroying the family, and subsidizing children out of the traditional family structure. Thus have Democrats transformed American cities from engines of growth and wealth to a drag on the communities around them - and has utterly destroyed African Americans in so doing.

Latinos take note - you are next.

Democrats have turned its corrupt vision on the whole of California and the "povertization" of the people is the goal, not the result of Democrat policies. A populace that is poor, fearful, dependent and broke is THE perfect Democrat Party society.   Democrats would have everyone believe that these are the consequences under which Democrats take control, but that is belied by the facts - which are that these are not consequences but results of such control. Once in power Democrats use taxes to set up sham 'community' entities to distribute money throughout its organization, in the process doing exactly nothing for the community it rules.

For over 50 years now this post civil rights era system of governance has been perfected in the major cities - and the African American community has borne the full brunt of the Democrat Party experience in governance, and the absolute corruption of the one party system in control of most of today's inner cities. That model of government is in the process of being implemented on a state-wide basis in California.  Don't expect what is typically known as wise government from Democrats - the party has an entirely different agenda in mind, including driving out those who disagree.

Think this is paranoia? Continue to watch events unfold in California, and note that no matter how bad it gets, no matter how much poverty, how much crime, how much misery, Democrats will never admit that there is anything wrong with their theories of how to run things. It is always something external, since Democrats cannot admit being wrong.  There are different rules at work here, and the destruction of the work of the past is strictly intended in the gloomy new future envisioned by the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party.

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