Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Democratic Party and the Season of Despair

There is good reason for United States citizens to be unhappy this Christmas season.  The Democratic Party, unrestrained by a more conservative wing since the early 1980's, continues in its quest to monopolize and corrupt American institutions. It can now count on higher and public education, most non-profit foundations, unions and most major media. It continues to integrate itself with major media, making distinctions ever less visible.  It has solidified its hold on public media, and is becoming ever more successful at using taxpayer funding to advance its agenda.  Through all this it has managed to keep its figurehead, Obama, electable, despite his utter incompetence.

All in all things are very good for the most corrupt organization on planet Earth.

Of course, things are not so good for those under the boot heel of this repressive group.  African Americans  have no future, thanks to the black community's awful mistake in throwing in with the Democratic Party - the Democrats promptly destroyed the African American family, criminalized its communities, tossed between a quarter and a third of black men into the criminal justice system, and made all of the men unnecessary except to procreate more voters.  Thanks to the Democratic Party, the gains of the civil rights movement have been ground to dust and essentially nullified, and any chance at true equality is lost, thanks to the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK. The Dixiecrats of the 1920's would look with admiration and approval on how the Democrat Party has taken over the black leadership, paid off the NAACP, and fooled almost every African American in the United States into the horribly mistaken belief that the glad handing monied leaders of the Democrats are "friends of the black man." To African Americans, the Democratic Party is not only a nightmare, it is an unending nightmare - there is no way to wake up from this bad dream.

And so it was for African Americans, and now no one seriously believes that the black community will be anything but what it is today - a perpetual source of votes for the Democrats, and in perpetual poverty as a result. Democrats offer everything but deliver nothing but enough poison for 35 million people - if anyone complains, well there is another program starting and more money coming in. And Democrats are hard at work doing the same thing to the Latino community, who are joining African Americans among those with families destroyed, men in the prison system, and permanent dependence on government.  The holocaust expands and continues....

Life is indeed good for these arrogant, corrupt people.

And this Christmas season, the Democratic Party is gloating over its success in California. This formerly reddest of red states is, thanks to immigration, regulation and taxation, is now a perfect Democratic state - filled with lots of poor and dependent, with a media that is firmly behind the Party, and with a leadership that promises everything but delivers only poison.  And Democrats have used and are using its "environmental" wing to ensure that poverty becomes ever more widespread - because for the Democratic Party the more poor there are the better they like it. Those who disagree can and fortunately for the Party do...leave, which means more votes for Democrats. And if the place is depopulated due to poverty, taxation and regulation, well there are billions who would die just to get in - and most of them are good Democratic voters. Who cares if these people take jobs from those already in California?

The death merchants in the Democratic Party simply do not care about anything other than community destruction. The mistake is in thinking that it's anything but the goal of Democratic policies - not an unintended consequence. Democratic leaders understand that the perfect community is filled with lots of poor eking out a living on government handouts, a well paid and paid off bureaucracy, a fearful, criminalized community, and as little real education as possible. And, of course, some wealthy but only wealth on Democratic terms - people like George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet -people who are fantastically rich but make payments to the right people, and think the correct way. 

The criminals in the Democratic Party know that they can practice their corruption without interference since they control most of the media, which has also been corrupted. Through the media the Party has perfected the art of making Democrats look good and its enemies - all those who are not them - look terrible -  mockery, invective, out and out lies, are all arrows in the Democratic media quiver.

As long as no one gets the big picture this organization moves right along, corrupting everything it touches, and destroying those whom it pleases.

The Democratic Party has transformed itself into the antithesis of what used to be called "good" and the morality that used to be called "right."  This ruthless organization has perfected the art of manipulation; it has made corruption itself into an art form. It's trail of misery is miles wide and decades, if not centuries long.  The evil it practices cannot be exaggerated - you read this sentence and think, "it can't be that bad" - but you  are dead wrong, because you do not understand, you make the mistake of thinking that it somehow got this way, instead of it being intended to be this way. Think for a minute about what it is to destroy a community and commit a holocaust in plain sight - and have even those people against whom you have committed these atrocities provide support even as they are destroyed.

The despair this season is that the Democrats will actually be successful, that they will succeed in destroying not one but two communities and in the process destroy the rest of us.

And it is permanent because absent a huge awakening it will happen - this corrupt organization will be successful.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Democratic Party is Going to Hell

If you have ever wondered why African Americans are consistent underachievers in education the answer is surprisingly simple, and here's a hint - it isn't teachers. It's because of a fatal choice made by black leaders about 50 years ago, to deliver their futures into the hands of the party that brought forth such things as the Klu Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, and lynchings.  But, for the Democratic Party those were just the warm up for what was coming..., and for which the leaders of the party will have much to answer for when they met their maker - before being tossed into a fiery inferno.

But, as to the "why" and "how of it" let's move forward:

The reason is an 80% birthrate out of marriage. The reason for THAT is 50 years of Democratic sponsored "family assistance" policies. And, the reason for THAT is an awful terrible mistake by African Americans in the mid 60's - by throwing in with the Democratic Party blacks were assured of: shattered families, a criminalized community, leaders more interested in being good Democrats, delivering votes and getting rich in the poverty industry than helping the community. After almost three generations worth of good (make that evil) intentions, and the result, as predicted by D. Patrick Moynihan in a series of papers on poverty (yes people used to study that sort of thing) is an unrecognized national holocaust, committed by Democrats for Democrats, at the expense of African Americans.

Or, to look at the issue another way, after 50 years of solid support for Democrats, shouldn't black leaders be clamoring for tax breaks for the wealthy?

Worst of all, there is no end to the Democratic party induced misery for black Americans - no one expects blacks to end the disastrous cycle of a criminalized community, hordes of single mothers, government dependence.....ever.  But then again, why should Democrats ever be interested in anything other than preservation of the status quo?  Democrats get close to 100% of the vote in a community where achievement and living conditions are dismal and where to even discuss this is considered racist. But of course - Democratic leaders certainly don't want their failures out in the open, and Democratic media plays right along - you won't see "60 Minutes" having a program on Democratic failure in the black community. No, according to "60 Minutes" it's the fault of the Republicans, who haven't had a presence in the community for half a century, if even then.

So how does it EVER get better? When does this nightmare end for blacks? With black Democratic leaders protected by a media that adopts a political correctness standard to preserve the status quo, awful as it is, and deathly afraid of being called racist by criminals like Barry, Gibson and James (who is talking about a come back once he gets out of prison) when do conditions ever get better?

That's an easy questions  - the answer is never, as long as Democrats are in control, and they seem to be more in control than ever.

Most frightening of all is that the Democratic Party has is using its formula for community destruction on Latinos - how can we as a society possibly survive?

There is a special place in hell for the Democratic Party - think of the scientists, educators, children we have lost, the lives ruined, by a political party that already had the KKK, Jim Crow and slavery on its rap sheet. The Democratic Party has been nothing short of plague on the African American community for going on two centuries. Most ironic, this is not even recognized - the Party not only gets away with it, it is something that is denied by those whom it destroys.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Democratic Party has made corruption into a high art.  As one example, Democrats take public money contributions funneled through public unions. can you imagine the outcry if Republicans did that?

But tops on the list of Democrat corruption is its molding of African Americans into the perfect Democratic community - first by destroying the family by subsidizing unwed mothers and ensuring that money is not paid if a father is present, thereby criminalizing the community; second by co-opted the leadership into being more favoring Democrat than the community; third by importing immigrants by the million here at the behest of Democrats, and who take jobs traditionally done by blacks; all of this forces the community to become ever more dependent on government; and finally by having Democratic media adopt a political correctness standard so that the corruption of black Democratic leaders are carefully hidden, as are the awful statistics in the community - and using the media to ensure that Democrats get get close to 100% of the vote by using government and media to drive Republicans out of the community.

The result of Democratic corruption is the awful state of the black community today - shattered family, criminalized community, low educational achievements and more - we all see who is in those flash mob videos.

Or to put it another way - after 50 years shouldn't black leaders be calling for tax cuts for the wealthy? Instead of what we have today? I've seen it - go to Juvenile Court, Essex County, Newark NJ and see for yourself how children are abused by Democratic policies. It's like Dickens! And we are all silent even though we know the crimes and corruption of the Democrats in the ghettos. We all think it is none of our business, that it is up to these people to get under the boot heel of the Democratic repression.

And Democrats are doing the same to Latinos - who should be very afraid - and it is painful to say this but all Latinos have to do is to look at the experience of the black community over the last 50 years with Democrats to see what the the Democrats have in store for them.

What Democrats have done to blacks over the last 50 years is nothing less than a national holocaust - and no one is saying a thing about it since Democrat media has silenced critics by making any criticism of the black Democratic leadership the same as racism.

So the community is left to the tender mercies of a corrupt Democratic leadership - Sharp James and Marion Barry are just two examples among many. 

We - all those outside the community -  know what's going on, but we are silent, we tell ourselves that it is none of our business what blacks do in their own community - but the truth is we are afraid of the racism label - something that year by year has been used to silence critics no matter what the outrage - nothing is beyond these people - there is no level to which they will go, and we say nothing, even though we know full well what's going on.

So corrupt Democratic leaders have a field day in the black community - robbing, abusing, looting and all the rest - for 50 years (50 years!) now Democrats have had it all their own way in the black community and the result is unbelievable amounts of violence, no educational achievements, and constant demands for money for the favored corrupt institutions that made Democratic leaders wealthy while the community is dying.   And we say nothing because we think that it is none of our business and we too cowed anyway - the constant fear of being called a racist. Even when it is crystal clear what's going on. 50 years! And no end is sight.

And again, we say nothing since we are frightened to death of being called racists.

But..anyone ever see any chance that the community will ever get better? Are we going to stand by while the Democrats and their friends in the media do the same thing to 50 million Latinos?

The answer is yes - there are no people of courage willing to take the Democrats to task for committing the equivalent of a national holocaust against 35 million people. 

It is corruption and it destroyed an entire group of people, who have been under the boot heel of Democrats for 50 years now.  And we say nothing while all this is done under our very noses - we think it is a black thing.   it's not - it's an American thing.

Isn't there someone out there with courage?

Monday, November 28, 2011


Or how the Democrats have destroyed a large segment of the poor, by destroying their families, criminalizing their communities, promoting dependency and institutionalizing hopelessness and racism.  And how they have become an institution premised on receiving taxpayer funds from public unions in return for which the Democrats begger the private sector, and ensure permanent conditions of unemployment. 
It's about how one political party has made poverty a permanent condition for an entire group of people, and how it has caused a national holocaust against African Americans, first through slavery, then through Jim Crow, the KKK, lynchings and all the rest.  Then when African Americans were poised to join the upper classes of American society it how this one party ensured that most American blacks would remain poor, their families shattered and their communities subject to what would have been considered insane levels of crime, while the group became ever more dependent on government.  Democrats also suborned and co-opted black leadership, so that being a good Democrat is now more important - much more important than aiding the community.

And, of course, the media by adopting a political correctness standard the media insured that blame would never fall on the Democrats for this national holocaust - although the media is where the blame should fall most - since they have remained silent or have backed the group that was engaged in a national holocaust - the Democratic party. 

For over 50 years the Democratic party has used, abused, spit upon, shattered the families of, criminalized the community and wrung money from the black community. Prior to that the party did all it could to keep the group in fear - while at the same time using its hold on the media to blame Republicans - as if Republicans could possibly have done any of this.  It wasn't Republicans that in 1968 adopted laws that led to the importation of millions of immigrants who took jobs that had traditionally been done by African Americans.  It wasn't Republicans that left the community to the tender mercies of those getting rich off the poverty industry.

These people in the Democratic Party don't see a problem to solve - they get 100% of the vote now, so everything is just peachy to them.  These are children whose futures have been destroyed out of misplaced loyalty to a corrupt organization.

And now that excuses are getting ever more thin, co-opted Democrats still point the finger at Republicans - as if every Southern Democrat suddenly took over the leadership of the Republican party. Aside from the fact that this evades the issue - it is simply untrue - the Dixiecrats didn't suddenly take over the Republican leadership, they switched parties but Republicans never accepted the southern Democrats racism - which had previously been policy for the Democrat party.

And it also evades the issue - which is the destruction of the African American community in America by Democrats. 50 years! And no one expects it to turn around - ever. That's the legacy of loyalty to the Democratic party. The party that you EJ support - the most corrupt institution on the  planet.

And get a good look everyone else - the Democratic model is headed for your community.

And if loyalty to the Democratic party is so beneficial then after 50 years shouldn't the black community be arguing for tax breaks for the wealthy? Instead, flash mobs - and no end in sight.

Is it racist to even mention this?  That's what the politically correct media would say - they want all of it to remain hidden - but after 50 years it should be enough. Do we want to wait another 50 years, lose more generations?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Democrats have used entitlement spending to create pockets of permanent dependence on government while at the same time destroying the family, co-opting leadership, and criminalizing the community.  This methodology has been effectively used for decades against blacks, and it is now being used with equal effectiveness on Latinos.  At the same time, Democrats also use anti-business tactics to drive out Republicans and all others who disagree with their agenda, hidden though it is.

For Democrats, poverty creation and dependence is the goal. And with the example of one group in mind, it's pretty clear exactly how all this plays out.

We are speaking about blacks, and the Democratic Party.  After 50 years of solid, nearly 100% support for Democrats, such that adherence to the Democrats is reflexive in black politics, how has it all worked out? Are blacks among the wealthiest Americans, with intact families, free from from crime, with the highest education achievements and arguing that tax breaks for the wealthy are a good thing?

We know that the foregoing isn't true - the black experience under Democratic leadership has been one of shattered families, criminalized communities, government dependence at all levels, and dismal education achievement.

We also know that to even mention any of this is considered racist.

How did it all happen? How did the civil rights movement go so very bad - so very bad such that no one seriously believes any of this is going to change any time soon, if ever? Was it the Republicans who did this?

Of course it wasn't Republicans - the answer is very simple -the Democratic party put leaders in the black community who could care less about the community so long as the votes are delivered. So a relationship was created under which taxpayer funds were used to create a dependence between the community and government. One direct consequence of this was destruction of the black family, as predicted by Moynihan. But that didn't matter to black Democrat leaders - they have the votes, so what if the community was dying?

And now it's 50 years on and what we have is what you see in those flash mob videos is what the community got for all that loyalty.  You satisfied with that? And at some point, you have to understand that it is all by design, that creation of the dependence was the goal, not the consequence, and that no one truly cares. Certainly not a leadership that could allow a Sharp James or Marion Barry, both of which have or will have come backs.

And what does that mean to the people involved? Tens of millions of people denied futures through following the Democratic party, toeing the party line, for decades now, and what do they have to show for it other than shattered lives, no family, except gangs since people without family will create even a twisted gang family if they have nothing else.  How could this happen? Especially since the reins of power are in the hands of the leadership of the community - the Democratic party is in firm control of power in the areas where it has the votes - power and money.

It is and has been intentional - blacks repressed by the same Democratic party - the party of slavery, doing it again - for 50 years now, creating a national holocaust under the very noses of those in power. Millions denied any possible future - children - who I saw in Essex County Juvenile Court in the '90's, showing up with no one - and I bet these Dickensensian scenes are still being played out not only there but in a hundred other places.

This evil institution, which would import voters who take jobs away from the very group that gives it 100% support - by the millions and for decades now. And the media refuses to call out the Democratic party for its crimes against African Americans since to do so in their twisted mind would be to go against an institution to which they have formed their own ties.

How does this happen? How do millions of people get fooled like this? How can so many people be so blinded to what's going on? Or, more scary indeed, how can there be so many people who are committed to doing this great evil, who would sacrifice an entire group of millions of people so they can get ahead. It's one or the other, since the evil is there - to not see it is willful blindness.

And to those who  say the other side - Republicans - are even worse, could you possibly imagine a worse outcome than what has happened to African Americans these last 50 years? How could it be worse than the what is going on in the ghettos? Although it isn't relevant to the discussion, you really think that somehow southern racist Dixiecrats simply changed to the Republican leadership - that southern Republicans would actually adopt those same racist views, instead of insisting, as they did, that racist Democrats drop the racism when they joined the party. (except of course, in Arkansas - where the Dixiecrats never lost power - hmmmm..) .

But even that's beside the point - the point is what the Democrats have done to blacks these last 50 years - or 150 but who is counting?  You tell me how could any group have done worse than blacks over the last 50 years- this the price of giving 100% support to the Democrats. Shattered families, a criminalized community, millions in prison, no education and all the rest.

What about the future? You see any possibility of any of this getting better?  I don't. No one else does, either, not seriously. Democrats won't even see that they are the problem! So it won't change - it can only get worse, and it has since the generation of grandmothers is gone. My home city - Newark, New Jersey - never changes, it just gets worse.

Somehow it finally dawned that the people running things like it just the way it is - and they make sure the media under their control never says a thing - you won't see any media going after black leadership for crimes against the community.

But one day there will be a reckoning - on how one political party destroyed an entire group, and doomed millions of its children to a life of crime and little education. Democrats - the people in control, the people that blacks give all of their support, are the problem, not the key to the solution - after 50 years how is it possible that we all don't see that? That the Democrats will never allow change since to do so would be to jeopardize their control over the community.

And the excuses - where they bother to make them anymore - are thin indeed - you see anything done by the Democrats despite having all of the power?  Somehow it got to be the Republicans fault  - the same people who are not within miles of the community.

So you either see it like it is and do something, are a fool, or see it and don't care, for a number of reasons, most of them corrupt.

In ten years the community will not have changed except for the worse. So what you going to do about it?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Democratic Plan for America

What's being done by Democrats to make it tougher for the private sector is intentional, the aim being to drive Republicans out of certain areas and to solidify the Democratic hold on power. Any loss of population can be offset with immigration, since new immigrants tend to vote for Democrats in the very mistaken belief that Democrats favor the poor.

Therefore, calls on Democrats to do things to make the state more business friendly always fall of deaf ears - Democrats will make a show of taking this issue seriously but in the end nothing gets done. Why? Simply this - the Democratic party has nothing to gain from prosperity, since those who are most successful understand that Democrats are anti-business and vote accordingly. Why make conditions better if the result is loss of power?

As an example, take the African American experience with the Democratic Party. Since in or around 1960 African Americans have voted Democrat in overwhelming numbers. And the Democratic Party is and has been in control in virtually all of cities with large African American populations since the 1970's. In addition, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in anti-poverty programs aimed at improving conditions in the African American inner city communities.

Given the foregoing, if Democrats were truly interested in bettering the community, African American inner city communities should be wealthy, the population should be well educated, and there should be little or no crime. In fact of course, the opposite is true - despite being firmly in control for say 50 years, African Americans in the inner cities are subject to unbelievable amounts of crime, the education achievements are less than dismal, poverty is the rule and wealth the exception, and the African American family is in tatters with an 80% out of wedlock birth rate. All of this while at the same time, African Americans year in and year out vote close to 100% for Democrats. In fact, as shown by the NAACP, the black leadership now almost completely co-opted by and identified with the Democratic Party, upon which it depends for money and power.

At some point there has to be an understanding that all of the foregoing is is intentional, that Democrats have hit upon a formula for maintaining a huge proportion of the vote while at the same time delivering no benefit at all to the community - in fact, ensuring that the community remains poor, uneducated and the family unit non-existent. Under these circumstances one would expect that the community would look to someone else, but the Democratic lock on the media has adopted a political correctness standard under which none of the failures of the Democrats is not mentioned. In other words, don't look to a "60 Minutes" expose' of Democratic failures in the inner cities. Under the standard adopted by the Democratic media, to even mention the awful stats in the community is deemed racist.

How does the foregoing apply in other areas like California? Democratic leaders are applying the same permanent impoverishment techniques used successfully in the African American community to Latinos. And, the anti-business policies are driving Republicans out of the state. The terrible part of this is that no matter how bad economic conditions get Democrats never get the blame - the protections afforded by a firm control over most of the media ensure this, along with the usual race and ethnic baiting.

Is there any hope? Not under these circumstances. Absent an awakening by the public to the institutional corruption that has taken hold of the Democratic Party - where the party has hit upon a steady source of funding by funneling taxpayer dollars through public unions - areas in which Democrats are dominant can expect a steady economic erosion, with finger pointing at everything but the real cause.

The surprise in all of this is how Democrats have been able to get away with this all these years. How is it that no one has noticed that, despite full control by Democrats for decades, the African American community in the inner cities never achieves wealth, education and low crime, while immigrants cycle through the community? (that's another issue - how Democrats sacrificed jobs traditionally held by African Americans in order to get votes from new immigrants). The excuses of these leaders are thin indeed, along with the corruption of those in the leadership - Marion Barry, Sharp James comes to mind.

It's a negative view, but that's what we are facing.

Friday, November 4, 2011


It is a wonder how the Democrats manage a seamless integration with the media that supports them - and the public never catches on to the way this works. Remember homelessness? That was the driving issue during the Reagan era - for awhile it was all we heard from the traditional press. This campaign was part of the overall Democratic demonization of Reagan as being unsympathetic to the poor.

But, what happened to the homeless? Did they disappear? No, what happened is Clinton - with the election of Bill Clinton all of the references to poor suddenly stopped.  The media no longer had a need to describe the country as a place overrun by homeless people. Happy days were here again!

Now with Democratic strategy focused on painting Republicans as the servants of the wealthy, the focus is on "income disparity."  And the Democratic media is playing its part with story after story on this issue. 

The assertion is, of course, nonsensical, on may levels.  First, the plight of the "poor" is consistently overstated by the Democratic media.  Want proof?  The Census Bureau, which was brought under Obama Administration control a few years ago, was just compelled to release a report showing that poverty in the US has been substantially exaggerated.  Under prior reports,  programs such as food stamps and tax credits, which together delivered $221 billion across the country last year, were not calculated. Ridiculous, right? When these programs are calculated the "poor" are not very poor at all. 

And just what makes the "poor" poor?  Democrats make it a point to ignore the 40% out of wedlock births in the United States as the cause of anything.  Half of all births in the Latino community are to single mothers. For African Americans is closer to 80%.    Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965 and later in 1974 warned that births to single mothers would result in high crime rates, poor performance in school, and high unemployment,  Back then, 24% of African American births were to single mothers. Today the illegitimacy rate for white women is 28%. Moynahan wrote, "A community that allows a large number of men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship with male authority, never acquiring rational expectations about the future — that community asks for and gets chaos."

Those concerned about rising financial inequality need to look at the actual causes.  What is new is a rapidly metastasising underclass, the result, not of exploitative capitalism, but of Democratic policies meant to ensure the existence of a permanent class of dependent people, forever demanding money and voting for Democrats who deliver it.  Democratic support for single motherhood, and the failure to recognize its utter destructiveness of society at large has incapacitated the lowest third of the population. It is largely unsocialized, and uneducable. Addicted to drugs and govt handouts, this mass of the congenitally poor explains the widening gap between our healthy middle class and America's underbelly.  it is a situation that is patently acceptable to the Democratic party which profits by the willingness of those involved to vote for the very people who ensure that they remain exactly where they are. this includes African Americans, whose community has been destroyed by Democratic policies, and who have no chance of escaping the endless cycle of poverty that grips it. For African Americans it is a modern day holocaust, caused by the very people into whose hands they have placed themselves, in a misinformed effort to improve their lot during the civil rights era.

The problem is not with the rich up above. It is with the professors and politicians and professional moralizers who have cultivated this disaster, and from the Democratic Party who have profited by it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Media at It Again

Notice how the articles on the various Occupy Wall Street protest never say how many protestors there are? When the Tea Party had rallies in 2009 and 2010 the media was obsessed with numbers, and a hundred thousand was the norm. Now that Occupy whatever manages to get small numbers of people (the only estimates: Los Angeles - 43 people, Oakland, 300) we never get crowd estimates.  Do you know how many people are in these protests?  Relatively few, especially in comparison with the enormous amount of coverage. 

Typical media bias. Would the press pay that much attention to Tea Party rallies? We had a similar amount of people at our last Tea Party rally and got no mention in the national press.

Also no mention of the fact that the owner of Zucotti park - which is the only entity that can toss out the protesters, got a huge grant from the Obama Administration for wind farms. And Biden talked about an explosion of discontentment right before the Occupy movement started.

So we have a movement planned, executed and carried through by the Obama Administration, with no press interest in investigating any of this.

You people like being played?  Isn't this a good reason to distrust the traditional media?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Now that Obama has lost the independent voters, of whom 41% now strongly believe Obama is doing a bad job of being President, and a much greater percentage who say they wouldn't vote for him.  He's also  lost the white vote two to one, and racism isn't the reason - it is Obama's politics and leadership that re the  problem.  Obama's losing the Latino vote as well, as Latinos wise up to the fact that the ruin the Democratic party wreaked on the African American community is planned for them as well.

Obama still has the African American vote in outsize numbers but at last he is starting to show weakness there was well.  More and more African Americans are coming to understand that the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow hasn't changed that much. In fact, Democratic Senators elected and re-elected a former member of the KKK to Senate leadership position in the 70's, 80's and 90's- someone who refused to join the military because he would  be serving alongside African Americans, someone who was praised by the KKK for increasing membership and who was in the KKK through his mid-twenties.  We are talking about Robert Byrd, of course, and who is to say that this man was ever repentant for all the evil things he did? Certainly no Republican would ever be allowed to serve with his record - wouldn't you call that a double standard?

And it wasn't Republican governor's that stood in the doorways of schools preventing black children from getting in. 

Democrats have now held almost complete sway in the African American communities for well over 50 years. Their record isn't pretty.  Waves of immigrants go through the cities - allowed in in order to have more Democratic votes - the same people who took jobs and benefits meant for black Americans. You think there is support in the black community for immigration?  And you would think that a party interested in helping the black community and getting close to 100% loyalty in return wouldn't allow that to happen.

Democratic media - the national or traditional media has a policy in place - political correctness - under which we can't even know how bad it is in the black community since to do so would be to make black Democratic politicians look bad. And black Democratic leaders get rich in the poverty industry - you would have to be blind not to see it.  No matter how bad it gets, no matter that the black family has been progressively destroyed by Democratic policies - these people get elected over and over again. And when Republicans were finally making inroads in 2005 your paper along with others manufactured a scandal out of the response to Katrina.  That was, after all, what it was all about.

It is said that Republicans never make an effort to talk to the black community. Well any effort they do make is scoffed at, they are accused of being racist etc.  It's a two way street, and if you like the corruption and cronyism that is the hallmark of today's cities then let it stay the way it is.

But how many years of failure does it take for people to wake up to the fact that their so-called friends - even those in the leadership positions - are their bitter enemies? 

Guess what you see in those flash mob videos?  THAT is the legacy of years and years and years of Democrat Party control over the black community. And the Party likes things just the way they are- after all - why change since Democrats get all the votes. For the Democratic party conditions in the black community are perfect, and should not be changed one bit. Want an education - go to Essex County New Jersey Juvenile Court and watch as children cycle through the system - black children without so much as a grandmother to stand up for them. This is an area that has been controlled by Democrats for over a century, and where enormous amounts of money get collected, and simply disappears. This is the legacy of the Democratic Party for the black community - the worst mistake it could have made ca. 1965, embracing this organization of racists, thieves and murderers.

And, sorry to say there are people in the media who should know better  want more of the same.  How many more years of failure will it take for the community to wake up to the fact that they have been used, abused, mistreated, stepped on by an organization that has no intention of doing anything other than what they have been doing for 150 years or so.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


California is yet another example of what happens when Democrats take control of anything these days. The Democratic Party has transformed itself into something that is among the most corrupt organizations on the planet.  It has embraced its dark side - the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow and lynchings is now in the business of destroying communities.

As an organization the Democratic Party is institutionally corrupt, relying on taxpayer dollars funneled through public unions. It ruins everything it touches. California is in the hands of this organization which after it seizes power (usually by using its power within the national media to sharply define groups and then turning each group against the other) uses government to drive out all those who disagree with its vision of turning the populace into dependents, by destroying the family, and subsidizing children out of the traditional family structure. Thus have Democrats transformed American cities from engines of growth and wealth to a drag on the communities around them - and has utterly destroyed African Americans in so doing.

Latinos take note - you are next.

Democrats have turned its corrupt vision on the whole of California and the "povertization" of the people is the goal, not the result of Democrat policies. A populace that is poor, fearful, dependent and broke is THE perfect Democrat Party society.   Democrats would have everyone believe that these are the consequences under which Democrats take control, but that is belied by the facts - which are that these are not consequences but results of such control. Once in power Democrats use taxes to set up sham 'community' entities to distribute money throughout its organization, in the process doing exactly nothing for the community it rules.

For over 50 years now this post civil rights era system of governance has been perfected in the major cities - and the African American community has borne the full brunt of the Democrat Party experience in governance, and the absolute corruption of the one party system in control of most of today's inner cities. That model of government is in the process of being implemented on a state-wide basis in California.  Don't expect what is typically known as wise government from Democrats - the party has an entirely different agenda in mind, including driving out those who disagree.

Think this is paranoia? Continue to watch events unfold in California, and note that no matter how bad it gets, no matter how much poverty, how much crime, how much misery, Democrats will never admit that there is anything wrong with their theories of how to run things. It is always something external, since Democrats cannot admit being wrong.  There are different rules at work here, and the destruction of the work of the past is strictly intended in the gloomy new future envisioned by the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party.


Nothing like the "National Media" - their biases are such that if Chris Christie had a "D" after his name, he would be considered "scrappy" and "tough" a "Trumanesque" buck stops here kind of guy. Sort of the same way that Biden is considered "cute" instead of being a moron which is how people like you would consider him if he had an "R" after his name.

Same thing for Obama - a Republican with friends like Obama has, a pastor like Obama had, and a record like Obama's would never have come near the Presidency.  We would have had howls of protest.

It's a double standard, although why the national or traditional media insists on being affiliated with the 18% who call themselves liberal instead of the 41% who identify as conservatives.  It sure would sell lots more papers and Time and Newsweek would maybe be profitable.

But, that's where we are - for the national media Republicans come in two flavors - stupid or evil, and Democrats are always smart, sophisticated, their errors always excusable or the result of good intentions.  This despite the terrible history of the Democratic party as the party of slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings and all the rest, and not only in the south. Even Senator Byrd, a card carrying member of the KKK - and not just in his youth - was elected to leadership positions by his fellow Senators through the 70's and 80's.

In short, how does the national media live with the hypocrisy? How is it they have such willful blindness? How can the national media excuse the terrible things Democrats have done to African Americans over the last 150 years - and are still doing today, what with the Democrat destruction of the black family as a result of welfare policies, the enforced silence about it in a policy called political correctness, and the importation of millions of immigrants who took jobs and benefits traditionally done or meant for African Americans.   And then they accuse REPUBLICANS of racism?  

And Democrats are working on doing the same thing to Latinos that they have done to blacks - so that not one but two groups will be under the boot heel of government.  This is 50 years for blacks, and Latinos will now get more of the same - multi-generational misery cynically disguised.

How can they do it?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When it comes to racism, Democrats ARE IT.

Look at what the Democratic Party has done to the African American community - for 50 years now blacks have been one to one allied with Democrats. In return, the Democratic Party has: destroyed the black family, leading to criminalization of its community, no will to be educated and all the rest. And the national media has adopted a political correctness standard under which to even write about the problems in the black community as being caused by Democrats is verboten - since all black 'leaders' are Democrats. And there is now no will to make things better since blacks already deliver 100% of the vote to Democrats - so why black leaders think why change a thing when we can get rich on the poverty money?  See where this is?

Latinos should be afraid, VERY AFRAID. Democrats have  Latinos in their sights, with the same plan for Latinos that they had for African Americans in the late 1960's.  A culture of dependency. This is a harsh statement, but do Latinos want their community to be where Democrats have placed African Americans?  If so then make the mistake that African Americans made and take the money that Democrats offer.  Latinos too can have their families destroyed, their community criminalized and their children on flash mob videos.

The message to Latinos is: run away from Democrats - as fast as possible!  And tell these blood suckers to get out of your community!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Jersey - On The Road to Democratic Paradise

I live in New Jersey. I know what is wrong with New Jersey. It is government and media, plain and simple. They have:

(1) Taxed us to death - my father paid $21,000 in property taxes on a $600,000 house in Essex County. He left.  He was told that Newark was the problem - the subsidies needed for the poor. Wait a second - we are told that cities are engines of  growth, not money pits.  But in New Jersey cities take from the rest of the state.  But, that;s only part of it - we also have high income tax, a high sales tax - but lower in the cities, a lottery to make sure the poor get taxed, gas tax, excise taxes, corporate taxes, we have high motor vehicle fines, which are another tax and on and on.

(2) Unionized us to death - Public unions make a good living in New Jersey - generously donating taxpayer dollars to keep Democrats in office, who promptly give them just about whatever they  want. Who could not have figured out that would be a problem? Isn't this corruption that has been institutionalized corruption?

(3) Environmentalized us to death - New Jersey has the most stringent environmental laws in the country.  Substantial parts of the state - the "Pinelands" and the "Highlands" are almost completely closed off from development (also they are Republican - no coincidence).  Businesses are unwelcome - when Maxwell House finally threw in the towel, our environmental agency was ecstatic since that was one less factory.  Aggressive over- regulation has resulted in industry after industry leaving the state.  And New Jersey actually subsidizes environmental groups who make life miserable for the few industries left.

(4) Corrupted  to death - in addition to Democrat party institutionalized corruption there is the New Jersey way to do business - which is pay offs to everyone. Want to represent a state agency? Make the right campaign donations. Yes there are pay to play laws, but these have changed nothing. 

(5) Welfared to death- As in other states, African Americans bought into the poison offered by Democrats.  The result?  The black family hardly exists in the major cities - and we get crime, gangs and the cities are abandoned at night except for the criminalized African American community. Since the leaders are bought and paid for by Democrats, the one party system makes sure that the same people get re-elected despite delivering nothing and getting rich off the generously subsidized (by foundations and government) poverty industry.  New Jersey's cities are money pits, and the problem is the Democrats, who do nothing but point fingers to deflect attention.  For over 50 years now the black Democrat politicians have been actively making the situation worse and worse, while living off the misery of those who they supposedly govern.

(6) Judiciaried us to death - In New Jersey the population is ruled by a judiciary, which has asserted itself into area after area.  We are forced into requiring municipalities to zone for affordable housing -a clearly legislative function -  which then led to suits by developers in order to build housing in unsuitable locations.  New Jersey courts have also equated money with education,  imposing school funding that doesn't do anything for education, but pumped billions of dollars into a corrupt bureaucracy that built nothing.   From health care to housing to everything else, the Courts act as a super legislature, from whose decisions there is no appeal.

(7) Liberal Media'ed to Death - New Jersey is in the belly of the liberal media beast, being next to New York City. And it shows - nothing the left wing of the Democrat party does can do no wrong, and no outrage so bad as to be reported.  This media excuses all in the name of left wing Democrat policies, and they have been complicit in the destruction of New Jersey's cities.

(8) Immigrationed to death - everywhere you look are immigrants, mostly poor, mostly uneducated, and many getting benefits generously given by Democrats in State government.
These people have driven down wages and taken jobs formerly held by African Americans, and have displaced blacks from areas where they have been for generations, causing racial and ethnic tensions which go unreported by the Democrat press which doesn't want to print anything that interferes with its unrealistic view of the world.

This is only part of the story - New Jersey has a miserable higher education system, terrible schools thanks to teacher's unions, and Democrat party policies in the cities.  The mostly Republican middle class has been deserting New Jersey for years.  The formerly healthy manufacturing sector is long gone. the communications industry is gone, chemical industry gone. there are still vast tracts of waterfront that need to be redeveloped but who would bother?,  the cities are cesspools, Atlantic City has been an utter failure and more.

In fact, New Jersey is swiftly becoming a Democrat paradise: lots of poor, most of them dependent on government, lots of overpaid government employees, and a few rich. What more could a Democrat ask for?

The very definition of  a third world nation.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Democratic Party - the Party of Institutional Corruption

 SO WE HAVE public sector unions funneling what is essentially taxpayer money to politicians of one party - Democrat - in order to elect compliant legislators in order to get wages and benefits.
It shouldn't have been allowed, and the only reason it has been unremarked is that it benefited the Democrat Party, so the national media let it alone.  The national media adopts the policy that whatever helps Democrats is good, no matter how poisonous.

So: Democrats have public sector unions funneling taxpayer money to Democrat party coffers. Institutional corruption.

Democrats also used welfare policies to destroy the African American family, leading to crime, dependency and lack of education. And full time government dependency. And a small group of black Democrat leaders, including Obama, ride the poverty gravy train to wealth and power. And not to forget importing immigrants to vote Democrat who take jobs and benefits away from traditionally done by African Americans.

60 YEARS the Democrats have had to improve the inner cities and conditions are worse then ever. The Democrat Party, the party of the KKK and Jim Crow does it again to African Americans proving that it is still the scourge of the black people.

Again, corruption on an institutional level.

And again, a media helped - by adopting a doctrine known as 'political correctness' under which Democrat Party manipulation of African Americans is not mentioned.

Latinos should take note of the consequences of taking the poison handed out by the Democrats. Think of Detroit as the Democrat paradise - the end result of Democratic policies.
The Democratic party as an entire political party built on corruption, run by a small number of mostly white, mostly men, supported by a media that is mostly white, almost entirely male.

You have to be seriously stupid or seriously corrupt to be a Democrat or support a Democratic candidate. And you have to be seriously detached if all you are doing to defeat the Democrats is sitting at your computer and blogging.  So...get going - call your local Republican and Tea Party leader and GET INVOLVED!

Monday, August 8, 2011


It is August 8, 2011 and Obama has not said word one about the S & P downgrading of the United States debt.  How can the media not ask why not? Would they give a Republican President a pass?
How can the leader of the country be silent?

This is typical. Obama doesn't allow his fingerprints on anything - the stimulus was done by Congress, same with Dodd Frank and Obamacare - Obama just signed what was put in front of him. After his shellacking in 11/10 Obama deserted the stage, leaving it to Clinton as the adult in the room to answer questions. He failed in his handling of the BP spill, his actions with respect to the Bin Laden episode were hesitant and the delays were as a result of political considerations, and afterwards he shamelessly milked the episode. He offered no plan on the debt but left it to Congress.

This is not a leader.  This is not a man of character.  This is a puppet, and a true empty suit - we finally have a real example who can define the phrase.  We could have forgiven him some instances of not getting involved in the country's problems - but we have now had almost three years of this - almost three quarters of his term, and....nothing.   Without being propped up by most of the media, which never calls Obama to account - he would have ratings half what they are.

Could you imagine a Republican President being treated this way? Heck would the media have treated Clinton this way?

Something is critically wrong with Obama - look at his actions, not his words.

This is not a man who deserves re-election, so get off your computer, and call your local Republican leader and get this guy out - by this own terms he doesn't deserve more time at the job. He certainly doesn't seem to enjoy it very much - except for the perks.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


As a conservative, I've always felt a natural identification with Republicans - they are, after all, the party of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater et als. But after the fiasco over the debt deal, I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it is better to leave the party, and let them come to me for my vote.

Bush, McCain now McConnell and Boehner. These are not people with whom a conservative can identify. So is the Republican party the party of like minded people, people who believe in conservative values?  Sure doesn't seem like it.

If forced to choose between the Tea Party and the Republican Party, nearly all would choose the Tea Party. People in the Tea Party are passionate about the belief that government is spending too much money, and the consequences will be disastrous. The Republican Party pays lip service to this idea.


After reading another article on a teaching program "which really teaches children to read" I shake my head in wonder.  Every years or so another piece comes out like this, where the assumption is that there is some teaching panacea out there that will somehow change things around, that the problem with education in this country is the way we are teaching. Every year or so you read it, a brand new program that, THIS TIME, teaches children. Then time passes, the solution proposed fades away, until the next time we hear that - THIS method, THIS time, will work.

It is a poor joke, these methods, and just another way to detach money from taxpayers. There is no substitute - NONE - for TWO parents involved not only with their children's education, but all of their children's development. Parents who will work with educators to find the right way to teach. Problem solved, right?

Well, close, but not quite.  It helps - lots and lots - if the children are in a culture that values education. Since American culture, that is popular culture, in which our children are immersed since birth and is now synonymous with American culture, puts zero value on education.  In fact, our culture that places value not on education, but on failure. The heroes fail, but what is never shown are the consequences of failure - the dead end jobs, the awfulness of not having only enough money for the basics. What is not shown is the sheer ugliness of being uneducated.

No, you cannot tell media what to program, but involved parents can tell children what to watch, or you can toss out the television entirely. It won't be missed. Perhaps if more people did that, or understood that every time they watch something they make an endorsement. And right now most of what is being shown is pure poison.

The other part of this is the politics of single parenthood. Can we - finally - admit that this is not a recipe for good parenting, despite anecdotal examples to the contrary? And maybe the expression, "we stayed together for the children" was something that did make sense - that people should understand that having elected to bring a child or children into the world, that they should buck up and shoulder the consequences, which include staying together and getting along with your spouse/partner?

And maybe we can also agree that subsidizing single parenthood is not a good idea, that there has to be more consequences than a check and food stamps every two weeks.

This issue is infuriating, since it deals with children, who are being punished on a massive scale since as a society we have fallen for the nonsense that has been broadcast at us since the 1960's. And African Americans most of all. Are we even allowed to say that the African American family is in ruins, leading to crime and lack of motivation to get an education, without running into some politically correct reinforced silence, meant only to protect those who are responsible? And to keep the poverty gravy train running?

As a society we need to face the fact that experiment in moving away from the two parent family has been an utter disaster - which has affected some groups more than others. Hopefully, we are not like Humpty-Dumpty and we can put the pieces back together. If it can be done at all.

Because if we can't solve this then we are finished as a first world nation, and the consequences of failure is poverty on a scale not seen for generations.


I belong to one of the strongest Tea Party groups in the country and not one likes the budget deal.  All feel betrayed by the Republican Leadership.  Boehner allowed himself to be out maneuvered on every conceivable level - he and others in the leadership fell into the trap of splitting the party, in other words, Democrats succeeded in creating a rift between the Republicans and the Tea Party, which well over 90% of Republicans identify with - 24% of Americans call themselves Tea Party members, which isn't much less than those who are registered Republicans.

How can the leadership not understand this? Boehner allowed the party to be divided into those who identify with the Tea Party, formerly automatically Republican, and now look at the Republicans almost as bad as Democrats.  Boehner and the Republicans just alienated their base, and it may never come back. You can't have a party - you can't win elections - without people, and Boehner just thumbed his nose at those needed to win elections. He just showed those people who called themselves Republicans and Tea Party members that being Republican is inconsistent with being in the Tea Party.

It is difficult to imagine the awful stupidity of the Republican leadership - to basically toss away any chance of winning the next election. They have just told their base, the most passionate among them, that they are not wanted, that they should go elsewhere. And the anger they have provoked among the base is as high as any anger at Democrats.  It is difficult to comprehend the degree of close minded incompetence that led them to the decisions that have made. 

Where do we go from here? We are literally in unknown territory. But the Republican leadership will regret this - they have cut themselves off from the people who make up the party. How the heck do the Republicans get people to vote - when what the party believes in is directly contrary to what the members believe in?

Truly the party of stupid.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ode to Greece

 I recall talking some years ago with a consultant who was on its way back to Greece, which was his homeland.  He told me that in Greece most of the people are employed by the government, which pays livable wages, and requires little work in return.  He also said that at any given time half the country was on strike.

So, what is most surprising about the situation in Greece isn't that it is collapsing but that it took so long to do so. And other countries in Europe aren't far behind - a friend once told me that in France if a person didn't want to work the government would still support them - they could even raise a family, and have a pretty good life.  That seems to be common in Europe. Does anyone see a problem here?  In a republic, the government is, or is supposed to be, the people.  So essentially, what I was told is that people don't mind working to support those in the society who are too lazy to work - that the people who work have no problem giving part of their wages to pay for those who prefer to  be a full time sponge. 

The French and Greek system is not NOT communism by the way,  - in North Korea, the old Soviet Union, and other communist countries, the 'people' were not only constitutionally guaranteed a job but were REQUIRED to work. There are no slackers in the worker paradise.

So what are France and Greece and the other 'socialist' countries?  What form of government tolerates and pays for people who can't be bothered to contribute to society but are perpetual drags?   Whatever it is, it generate huge numbers of unemployed - these countries typically have unemployment rates in double digits. And it doesn't end well - in Greece the people voted themselves benefit after benefit - a guarantee of a government job at certain wages, private sector unions also the same. Sooner or later it had to collapse.

The United States is on the same path. Democrats with government union backing are taking us to the very same place as Greece - debt, dependence, collapse.  It is already happening in miniature in cities across the country - far too many people believed the lies the Democrats told them.  So Democrats were given control, the productive members leave, what remains becomes home to the poverty industry, with endless demands for money, and the next thing you know it is like Detroit or Camden - the ultimate Democrat 'worker's paradise.'  But for Rudy Giuliani, New York would have been in the same place.   In my state we are told that taxes are high because of the cities - but cities are supposed to be net generators of income, not endless money pits.

The problem isn't just cities. Immigrants come to the country, bring in their elderly family members which then have immediate access to social security, and health insurance, such as medicare and medicaid.  In the last five years the number of people collecting full time federal disability have almost doubled, from 5,000,000 to 8,000,000 which costs $120 billion a year. And on and on and on. Democrats cynically tell us we have to take care of the "needy" but then define the needy as expansively as possible, while at the same time destroying extended family ties (which in another age would have worked together to take care of family members) replacing such ties with government dependence.

Those who are Democrat but are still of good will - as opposed to the thoroughly corrupt party leaders - simply close their eyes and refuse to see what's going on. Their world view is so tied to the Democrat model, that somehow Democrats are good because their intentions sound good (although in practice thoroughly corrupt), and Republicans are always bad, that they refuse to believe that the model they have premised their whole belief system upon for so many years is based on lies, fabrication and corruption.  So the debt burden rises, those not participating in the system grows.  Soon, we have Detroit, from sea to shining sea. 

And it really comes down, as it always does, to perception, and what most of the still powerful (and paid off) media tells us about ourselves.  Which is that if we don't do these things, that we selfish - who would refuse to help those who need help?  By using such tactics our media has chipped away at traditional American culture, replacing it whatever we have today - a fragmented society, with no confidence in  our institutions.  The power of this media is vast indeed - as I wrote elsewhere, why hasn't the citizens of the inner cities voted for any party other than Democrats - even after 50 years of failure? The answer is simple: much of the media bought and paid for by Democrats - an unholy alliance that step by step destroyed the African American community and is now destroying the rest of us.
Detroit is the Democratic Party vision for America. If you want to prevent this - then work like hell to educate others about what's going on. Or do nothing, and pretty soon - much sooner than you think - what is happening in Greece will happen here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

California Nightmare

As one observes the dance of events day by day sometimes it is possible to make, for lack of a better word, "breakthroughs" in understanding. Issues or events which before were puzzling suddenly become clear. Sometimes this is based on additional information, such as when Fox News broke the story, based on investigation by the Media Research Group, that there were 31 organizations owned by George Soros paying off various editors at media outlets and major newspapers.  So that's why they write news biased toward 19% that identify themselves as liberal instead of 60% that call themselves conservative.  Clarity is achieved, and shareholders are driven away. Where is the SEC? But that article is for another day.

Let's talk about California.  Despite its reputation for bohemianism California is a traditionally Republican state.  But in 1983, a group of Democrats decided to change all that.   It started with the 1986 Immigration Amnesty bill, signed into law by a very foolish Ronald Reagan.  With the influx of immigrants, mostly from Mexico, California started to change, and change drastically. Once Democrats reached a certain measure of control they did what Democrats do - overtax, over-regulate, buying off unions.  This got to the point that not only were Democrats coming into the state through immigration, but Republicans (and business) began leaving, and leaving in droves.

Up to now, the assumption has always been that Democrats in California, heck everywhere, behaved like rational people - they want good schools, they want prosperity, they want people to lead, happy productive lives. However, seen objectively, it is clear that Democrats do not want these things, and especially not prosperity.  On the contrary, Democrats embrace poverty, they want over regulation so businesses to fail, they want misery, unemployment, hopelessness, poverty, dependence and all the rest. Why? Because when government does all it can to make things bad Republicans simply leave, and the people that remain are malleable and more likely to be and stay Democrat. Ever heard of an inner city going from Democrat to Republican?  You would think that after 50 years of failure the people in the inner cities would want change. But, that's not happening since the people do not see any future, other than the future the government makes for them.

And its not as if the media would point any of this out - the media is strongly pro-Democrat (see first   paragraph).

This is the Democrat model of governance, this is how Democrats rule and stay in power - not through prosperity, but through economic ruin. Let those who have money leave, they can be replaced by immigrants, and those who are immigrants can be made to stay so poor that they cannot possibly leave.

The result is a Democrat paradise.  that it looks like Detroit or Camden makes no difference - what matters here is power. So here it is - the Democrat formula for power - lots of poor, a few rich and a large, well fed bureaucracy.  It's a sick vision, premised on institutionalized corruption, but it is the Democrat vision for America.  Camden, Detroit, East St. Louis, coming to a state near you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How the Democratic Party Destroyed the Black Community (and It's Doing the Same to Latinos)

The national media has, through decades of conditioning, convinced blacks to align themselves with an organization which has systematically destroyed their community, leading to violence on an immense scale.   The Democratic Party has maintained power in in the black community through lies, manipulation, half truths and the like, despite decades of worsening conditions.    

It is a story not told since the very media that allowed this to happen has adopted a policy which makes impossible to say anything about it.   In just a few generations, with the assistance of the national media Democrats have taken the promise of the civil rights era and ground it to dust.  Consider this:

  The Democratic Party through family aid policies have destroyed the black family.  well over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock.   Many are born to women who have multiple children from multiple fathers.   How did this happen? In the late 60's the New Jersey Newark Evening News used to run articles  about how Essex County New Jersey welfare agencies were throwing fathers out of the home if the mother was "on" welfare.  DEMOCRAT family assistance policies, implemented  nationwide led to fatherless homes, which led to the ruin of the black community.  
  The absence of a father in the home, or involved at all has been a disaster for the community. Statistics show that when two parent families are used as a basis for comparison, then on education and crime black and white are equal.   But, when considered as a group, crime for African Americans is totally out of all proportion to numbers and education achievement is dismal -  The one and only reason? Destruction of the black family.  Tthe grandmothers are gone - gangs fill in the void.   Money can't put this right.  In fact, the money spent on the poverty industry by government and foundations ends up the pockets of Democrat 'community' leaders, who get wealthy off the misery of the community

Destroyed family means crime.   Maybe Hollywood stars can afford to raise children in single parent households but for everyone else an intact family,a mother and father, and hopefully, aunts, uncles, and cousins as well, is necessary.  When an entire community is filled with single parent households you have today's inner cities - crime ridden, drug infested, ruled by gangs.  This result was not unexpected. In the early '60's and 70's none other than Democratic Senator Daniel Moynihan predicted that welfare policies that kept fathers out of the home would lead to the situation we have today.  But this prediction went against the grain of feminist teachings which are part of overall Democratic policies, which is that a father in the home is unnecessary.  The result is a nationwide social experiment, the results of which we have in the black community today.
Employment?  Democrat policies destroyed the black working class by putting into place massive legal and illegal immigration. But for this massive immigration there would have been a labor shortage.  These jobs would have been a stepping stone to advancement, or employers would have had to greatly increase wages in order that people stayed on the job. In other words, African Americans stood to reap an enormous benefit from the labor shortage.   However, in 1968 the "friend" of the black community, Ted Kennedy, enacted legislation that resulted in millions of immigrants, many of them unskilled, coming to America.  These immigrants took work in areas that had traditionally employed blacks - the jobs that the Democrat media derisively calls 'jobs that Americans won't take.'   In the absence of immigrants those jobs would have paid much better wages as the only way to attract workers, and could have acted as a springboard for African Americans toward better employment.   Now, thanks entirely to Democratic policies those jobs are gone for blacks.  
 Republicans supported immigration too, but never as a matter of overall policy, and rank and file Republicans, like most Americans, are dead set against immigration.  And wouldn't it be expected that Democrats would protect the  group that every election gives it 100% support?  And, ironically, most blacks are against immigration but black leaders, who are beholden to the Democrat party, support immigration, throwing their community under the bus in favor of what helps the Democrat party.

  And where are the headlines about what has happened to the black community, the terrible crime statistics, lack of education achievement etc.  Where is the outcry, the "60 Minute specials? Why is there no mention of what immigration has done to blacks, no mention of the relationship between fatherless homes, crime and education, after all the statistics are crystal clear?  You won't see it - Democrat media has formulated a concept known as  'political correctness' which silences the anyone who wants to talk about what's going on in the black community.   We hear nothing about the crime, loss of jobs and why things have not improved despite decades of Democrat control of the major cities, and trillions of dollars spent. 

  In 2005 there were - finally -some evidence that blacks were actually starting to think that maybe Republicans should at least be considered.   It wasn't long before the Democrats found in the response to Hurricane Katrina the way to stop the defections from the party line.   The Democrat media went in overdrive - with lies and exaggerations in its media blitz.  The response to Katrina was not wholly different from the response to any other disaster, with most of the problems caused by an incompetent mayor and governor, but in this response the Democrats saw a way to tar the Republicans with the hoary racist tag. And it worked.

It is incomprehensible that blacks can't see what is and has been done to them, and the reasons for it. Do you really think that the Democrat Party, which is led by a small coterie of white men, supported by a media that is also almost completely white, almost completely male, really gives a crap about the black community?   Look at what has been done for the last five decades - actions, not words.   Trillions spent, and the only thing to show for it is that the ghetto is far worse than in 1960. The silence in the media about all this is deafening- but since the blame falls squarely on the policies instituted by the Democrat Party you will never hear anything about what's really going on.  

  In 2003 I told Tavis Smiley at NPR that in ten years the problems in the black community would not only be unchanged, they would be worse. It's now eight years later and nothing has changed - despite phony promises from Obama the community is in worse shape than in 2003, and nothing will have changed in 2013 or 2023.  

There was so much promise at the dawn of the  civil rights era, all that blood, sweat and tears had to result in good, but instead of equal rights, and a healthy, prosperous, happy community, African Americans in America have been used, abused, it's chidren have been exposed to crime, substance abuse, it's leaders paid off, and on the ground nothing changes - things get, if anything worse.  African Americans are, if anything puzzled about the situation - it should be better but its not. Their leaders shout 'racism' at the drop of a hat, but this excuse is wearing very thin indeed, and it is readily apparent that the real cause of all the problems can be laid squarely at the feet of those who are supposed to be helping the community.  Democrats have been in charge of the cities now for for 50 years or more, and take a look at Detroit or in New Jersey, look at Newark, Camden, East Orange, Paterson, Plainfield, Trenton - it's the same story everywhere.  Immigrants come, immigrants leave, more immigrants come, same thing, but blacks stay in ruinous conditions in the ghetto.  And the rest of America has been cowed into silence - as to even mention the fact that blacks commit far too many crimes in relation to their population, are failing in education - just mentioning the statistics is racist.  Well, there is a reason Democrats want silence - it's their own awful record they want to suppress.  

How many scientists, educators, writers, artists have we lost -  and how many more will be lost before you understand what's going on?    

Latinos take note - all of the above is being done to your community. You want to take the poison Democrats are offering?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Tea Party - What it is REALLY All About

The following is a note written to a Democrat who referred to those in the Tea Party as racist "tea baggers": 

You misunderstand the Tea Party movement probably because you have listened to others who have described it, rather than finding out for yourself. The traditional media is very hostile to the Tea Party movement and for that reason you should not rely on it in forming your opinion, since what it says about the Tea Party is not true. When the traditional media looks at the Tea Party, it describes members on the fringe and claims that the entire movement is in agreement with, and stands for, the causes that these fringe people believe in. It is an attempt to claim that the movement is extremist and not worthy of serious consideration. However, I will tell you what the movement is about and you can make up your mind about it.

Here is what the Tea Party movement is about: government spending. The people in the Tea Party movement believe that too much government spending is the most important issue facing our country today. Why? Among other things, because our government is borrowing one out of every three dollars it spends. The interest on the deficit costs the government about $200 billion a year. That's a relatively low number. But, the reason it is low is that interest rates are low because of the recession. If interest rates go back to historic levels, then the interest payment could easily go up to a trillion dollars a year or more - exceeding all other obligations of our government other than social security. Right now our government is adding over a trillion dollars a year to the deficit - so that interest payments go up by 8 - 10% a year.

In response to the problem, President Obama said to wait until the Deficit Commission completed its work. Well, it has and none of what it said made any difference. The deficit is going up day by day, month by month, year by year.

The rate of borrowing by our government is unsustainable - no amount of taxes or growth will allow it to continue. It's a national security issue since we much of the deficit is funded by China, our world competitor, which is manipulating its currency to change the rules of the game in its favor. Our government can't do anything about that because to do so could lead to China to stop loaning money, which would be a disaster, since no one else has enough money or would be willing to loan it, since they know that our rate of borrowing will ultimately lead to the collapse of the currency. making the borrowed dollars worthless.

The relationship between our government and China is roughly akin to that of junkie and pusher - our government needs China to lend money, and China is happy to do so since with every dollars it loans our government becomes more weak and China gets stronger.

Our huge rate of borrowing is even threatening the role of the dollar as the word reserve currency. Being the reserve currency is a tremendous advantage to United States citizens for reasons that I will not go into here, but this will be lost if the rate of borrowing goes on for much longer. China knows this and does whatever it can to hurt the dollar, even though to do so threatens the dollars China holds. However, China understands this and has made the determination that it is worth it, because it weakens us, its prime world competitor, and it can make up its losses at some future date.

Even with China loaning money to our government the rate of of borrowing is unsustainable - I know it, Obama knows it, the Republicans know it, the Democrats know it, China knows it. However, the public doesn't quite understand it, because the traditional media thinks that if this becomes common knowledge it will make the Democrats look bad, and the traditional media by and large wants the Democrats to win elections and be in charge. That's why it advocates simple solutions like taxing the rich even though it knows that that will not come close to solving the problem.

People in the Tea Party believe that the only way to address the issue is by taking immediate steps to decrease government spending, and get the deficit under control. People in the Tea Party movement understand that this will affect people dependent on government. However, they also understand that failure to address this issue will result in the government being forced to decrease spending anyway, since at some point, the worst point most likely, China will stop lending us money, as will the rest of the world. When that happens our government will be forced to cut spending, but by that it will be much harder since the currency will be ruined, and so much money will be owed that it will be impossible to pay it back. People in the tea party movement believe it is better to address government spending now, rather than at some later time when it will be much more difficult, and the suffering will be much worse.

Do Bush and the Republicans share some of the blame for the current situation? Yes, of course. what? Does that mean that the problem doesn't have to be addressed? And, the rate of spending under President Obama dwarfs what was incurred under prior administrations. In other words, the day of reckoning is coming much faster under President Obama than it need have been if our government had made this more of a priority.

Are most tea party members on the right of the political spectrum, with all that this implies? Yes, but that's because Republicans have traditionally been more concerned than Democrats with government spending. However, people in the tea party movement do not entirely trust the Republican party, since the Republicans failed miserably at controlling spending when they were in charge under President Bush. But between Democrats and Republicans, people in the tea party believe that Republicans are more likely to take this issue seriously than Democrats. But, people in the tea party movement also understand that the issue is not a right-left problem, since all Americans will suffer if it is not addressed.

Also, the political bias of most Tea Party members means that they see the solution in less government spending, as opposed to raising taxes. But, all of the people in the movement I have spoken to or heard from have open minds, and would listen to any proposal that would help solve the problem. And, although the traditional media has tried to portray the movement as being closed to all those but white conservatives, this isn't true - anyone can join, and everyone is welcomed - even Democrats.   Despite what you have heard, the Tea Party is a true grass roots movement where people have come together to address this issue.  The Tea Party is not funded by anyone, and it has no true 'leaders' to speak of.  This infuriates the traditional media since it simply cannot accept that a true grass roots movement can be about anything except those issues Democrats care about, and in general Democrats do not think that government spending is a priority.   So, the traditional media paints the Tea Party movement as something that it isn't. Ironically, this has made the movement far stronger than it otherwise would have been, proving once again that publicity, even negative publicity, can be a good thing.

Finally, the people in the the Tea Party movement are not in agreement on the solution to the problem. Part of this is their fear that if they say something about reducing governmental entitlements that the traditional media will exaggerate it in an attempt to prove that the Tea Party movement doesn't care about poor people or people with health problems. But, in the long run people in the Tea Party movement understand that failure to address these issues will result in those less fortunate members of society suffering much much more than if the problem is addressed now. This is also one of the reasons that the issue is not addressed by our government, since the traditional media is ready to pounce on anyone who makes a suggestion that benefits should be reduced. This tyranny of the traditional media is another reason why there is much hostility between that media and the Tea Party movement.

I hope that this clears up any misunderstanding you have about the Tea Party. As I said, you should find out for yourself, rather than relying on the traditional media to describe what the movement is about. Go to a meeting, and see if you agree with what is said. Good luck!