Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Democratic Party is Going to Hell

If you have ever wondered why African Americans are consistent underachievers in education the answer is surprisingly simple, and here's a hint - it isn't teachers. It's because of a fatal choice made by black leaders about 50 years ago, to deliver their futures into the hands of the party that brought forth such things as the Klu Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, and lynchings.  But, for the Democratic Party those were just the warm up for what was coming..., and for which the leaders of the party will have much to answer for when they met their maker - before being tossed into a fiery inferno.

But, as to the "why" and "how of it" let's move forward:

The reason is an 80% birthrate out of marriage. The reason for THAT is 50 years of Democratic sponsored "family assistance" policies. And, the reason for THAT is an awful terrible mistake by African Americans in the mid 60's - by throwing in with the Democratic Party blacks were assured of: shattered families, a criminalized community, leaders more interested in being good Democrats, delivering votes and getting rich in the poverty industry than helping the community. After almost three generations worth of good (make that evil) intentions, and the result, as predicted by D. Patrick Moynihan in a series of papers on poverty (yes people used to study that sort of thing) is an unrecognized national holocaust, committed by Democrats for Democrats, at the expense of African Americans.

Or, to look at the issue another way, after 50 years of solid support for Democrats, shouldn't black leaders be clamoring for tax breaks for the wealthy?

Worst of all, there is no end to the Democratic party induced misery for black Americans - no one expects blacks to end the disastrous cycle of a criminalized community, hordes of single mothers, government dependence.....ever.  But then again, why should Democrats ever be interested in anything other than preservation of the status quo?  Democrats get close to 100% of the vote in a community where achievement and living conditions are dismal and where to even discuss this is considered racist. But of course - Democratic leaders certainly don't want their failures out in the open, and Democratic media plays right along - you won't see "60 Minutes" having a program on Democratic failure in the black community. No, according to "60 Minutes" it's the fault of the Republicans, who haven't had a presence in the community for half a century, if even then.

So how does it EVER get better? When does this nightmare end for blacks? With black Democratic leaders protected by a media that adopts a political correctness standard to preserve the status quo, awful as it is, and deathly afraid of being called racist by criminals like Barry, Gibson and James (who is talking about a come back once he gets out of prison) when do conditions ever get better?

That's an easy questions  - the answer is never, as long as Democrats are in control, and they seem to be more in control than ever.

Most frightening of all is that the Democratic Party has is using its formula for community destruction on Latinos - how can we as a society possibly survive?

There is a special place in hell for the Democratic Party - think of the scientists, educators, children we have lost, the lives ruined, by a political party that already had the KKK, Jim Crow and slavery on its rap sheet. The Democratic Party has been nothing short of plague on the African American community for going on two centuries. Most ironic, this is not even recognized - the Party not only gets away with it, it is something that is denied by those whom it destroys.

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