Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Democratic Party and the Season of Despair

There is good reason for United States citizens to be unhappy this Christmas season.  The Democratic Party, unrestrained by a more conservative wing since the early 1980's, continues in its quest to monopolize and corrupt American institutions. It can now count on higher and public education, most non-profit foundations, unions and most major media. It continues to integrate itself with major media, making distinctions ever less visible.  It has solidified its hold on public media, and is becoming ever more successful at using taxpayer funding to advance its agenda.  Through all this it has managed to keep its figurehead, Obama, electable, despite his utter incompetence.

All in all things are very good for the most corrupt organization on planet Earth.

Of course, things are not so good for those under the boot heel of this repressive group.  African Americans  have no future, thanks to the black community's awful mistake in throwing in with the Democratic Party - the Democrats promptly destroyed the African American family, criminalized its communities, tossed between a quarter and a third of black men into the criminal justice system, and made all of the men unnecessary except to procreate more voters.  Thanks to the Democratic Party, the gains of the civil rights movement have been ground to dust and essentially nullified, and any chance at true equality is lost, thanks to the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK. The Dixiecrats of the 1920's would look with admiration and approval on how the Democrat Party has taken over the black leadership, paid off the NAACP, and fooled almost every African American in the United States into the horribly mistaken belief that the glad handing monied leaders of the Democrats are "friends of the black man." To African Americans, the Democratic Party is not only a nightmare, it is an unending nightmare - there is no way to wake up from this bad dream.

And so it was for African Americans, and now no one seriously believes that the black community will be anything but what it is today - a perpetual source of votes for the Democrats, and in perpetual poverty as a result. Democrats offer everything but deliver nothing but enough poison for 35 million people - if anyone complains, well there is another program starting and more money coming in. And Democrats are hard at work doing the same thing to the Latino community, who are joining African Americans among those with families destroyed, men in the prison system, and permanent dependence on government.  The holocaust expands and continues....

Life is indeed good for these arrogant, corrupt people.

And this Christmas season, the Democratic Party is gloating over its success in California. This formerly reddest of red states is, thanks to immigration, regulation and taxation, is now a perfect Democratic state - filled with lots of poor and dependent, with a media that is firmly behind the Party, and with a leadership that promises everything but delivers only poison.  And Democrats have used and are using its "environmental" wing to ensure that poverty becomes ever more widespread - because for the Democratic Party the more poor there are the better they like it. Those who disagree can and fortunately for the Party do...leave, which means more votes for Democrats. And if the place is depopulated due to poverty, taxation and regulation, well there are billions who would die just to get in - and most of them are good Democratic voters. Who cares if these people take jobs from those already in California?

The death merchants in the Democratic Party simply do not care about anything other than community destruction. The mistake is in thinking that it's anything but the goal of Democratic policies - not an unintended consequence. Democratic leaders understand that the perfect community is filled with lots of poor eking out a living on government handouts, a well paid and paid off bureaucracy, a fearful, criminalized community, and as little real education as possible. And, of course, some wealthy but only wealth on Democratic terms - people like George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet -people who are fantastically rich but make payments to the right people, and think the correct way. 

The criminals in the Democratic Party know that they can practice their corruption without interference since they control most of the media, which has also been corrupted. Through the media the Party has perfected the art of making Democrats look good and its enemies - all those who are not them - look terrible -  mockery, invective, out and out lies, are all arrows in the Democratic media quiver.

As long as no one gets the big picture this organization moves right along, corrupting everything it touches, and destroying those whom it pleases.

The Democratic Party has transformed itself into the antithesis of what used to be called "good" and the morality that used to be called "right."  This ruthless organization has perfected the art of manipulation; it has made corruption itself into an art form. It's trail of misery is miles wide and decades, if not centuries long.  The evil it practices cannot be exaggerated - you read this sentence and think, "it can't be that bad" - but you  are dead wrong, because you do not understand, you make the mistake of thinking that it somehow got this way, instead of it being intended to be this way. Think for a minute about what it is to destroy a community and commit a holocaust in plain sight - and have even those people against whom you have committed these atrocities provide support even as they are destroyed.

The despair this season is that the Democrats will actually be successful, that they will succeed in destroying not one but two communities and in the process destroy the rest of us.

And it is permanent because absent a huge awakening it will happen - this corrupt organization will be successful.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Democratic Party is Going to Hell

If you have ever wondered why African Americans are consistent underachievers in education the answer is surprisingly simple, and here's a hint - it isn't teachers. It's because of a fatal choice made by black leaders about 50 years ago, to deliver their futures into the hands of the party that brought forth such things as the Klu Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, and lynchings.  But, for the Democratic Party those were just the warm up for what was coming..., and for which the leaders of the party will have much to answer for when they met their maker - before being tossed into a fiery inferno.

But, as to the "why" and "how of it" let's move forward:

The reason is an 80% birthrate out of marriage. The reason for THAT is 50 years of Democratic sponsored "family assistance" policies. And, the reason for THAT is an awful terrible mistake by African Americans in the mid 60's - by throwing in with the Democratic Party blacks were assured of: shattered families, a criminalized community, leaders more interested in being good Democrats, delivering votes and getting rich in the poverty industry than helping the community. After almost three generations worth of good (make that evil) intentions, and the result, as predicted by D. Patrick Moynihan in a series of papers on poverty (yes people used to study that sort of thing) is an unrecognized national holocaust, committed by Democrats for Democrats, at the expense of African Americans.

Or, to look at the issue another way, after 50 years of solid support for Democrats, shouldn't black leaders be clamoring for tax breaks for the wealthy?

Worst of all, there is no end to the Democratic party induced misery for black Americans - no one expects blacks to end the disastrous cycle of a criminalized community, hordes of single mothers, government dependence.....ever.  But then again, why should Democrats ever be interested in anything other than preservation of the status quo?  Democrats get close to 100% of the vote in a community where achievement and living conditions are dismal and where to even discuss this is considered racist. But of course - Democratic leaders certainly don't want their failures out in the open, and Democratic media plays right along - you won't see "60 Minutes" having a program on Democratic failure in the black community. No, according to "60 Minutes" it's the fault of the Republicans, who haven't had a presence in the community for half a century, if even then.

So how does it EVER get better? When does this nightmare end for blacks? With black Democratic leaders protected by a media that adopts a political correctness standard to preserve the status quo, awful as it is, and deathly afraid of being called racist by criminals like Barry, Gibson and James (who is talking about a come back once he gets out of prison) when do conditions ever get better?

That's an easy questions  - the answer is never, as long as Democrats are in control, and they seem to be more in control than ever.

Most frightening of all is that the Democratic Party has is using its formula for community destruction on Latinos - how can we as a society possibly survive?

There is a special place in hell for the Democratic Party - think of the scientists, educators, children we have lost, the lives ruined, by a political party that already had the KKK, Jim Crow and slavery on its rap sheet. The Democratic Party has been nothing short of plague on the African American community for going on two centuries. Most ironic, this is not even recognized - the Party not only gets away with it, it is something that is denied by those whom it destroys.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Democratic Party has made corruption into a high art.  As one example, Democrats take public money contributions funneled through public unions. can you imagine the outcry if Republicans did that?

But tops on the list of Democrat corruption is its molding of African Americans into the perfect Democratic community - first by destroying the family by subsidizing unwed mothers and ensuring that money is not paid if a father is present, thereby criminalizing the community; second by co-opted the leadership into being more favoring Democrat than the community; third by importing immigrants by the million here at the behest of Democrats, and who take jobs traditionally done by blacks; all of this forces the community to become ever more dependent on government; and finally by having Democratic media adopt a political correctness standard so that the corruption of black Democratic leaders are carefully hidden, as are the awful statistics in the community - and using the media to ensure that Democrats get get close to 100% of the vote by using government and media to drive Republicans out of the community.

The result of Democratic corruption is the awful state of the black community today - shattered family, criminalized community, low educational achievements and more - we all see who is in those flash mob videos.

Or to put it another way - after 50 years shouldn't black leaders be calling for tax cuts for the wealthy? Instead of what we have today? I've seen it - go to Juvenile Court, Essex County, Newark NJ and see for yourself how children are abused by Democratic policies. It's like Dickens! And we are all silent even though we know the crimes and corruption of the Democrats in the ghettos. We all think it is none of our business, that it is up to these people to get under the boot heel of the Democratic repression.

And Democrats are doing the same to Latinos - who should be very afraid - and it is painful to say this but all Latinos have to do is to look at the experience of the black community over the last 50 years with Democrats to see what the the Democrats have in store for them.

What Democrats have done to blacks over the last 50 years is nothing less than a national holocaust - and no one is saying a thing about it since Democrat media has silenced critics by making any criticism of the black Democratic leadership the same as racism.

So the community is left to the tender mercies of a corrupt Democratic leadership - Sharp James and Marion Barry are just two examples among many. 

We - all those outside the community -  know what's going on, but we are silent, we tell ourselves that it is none of our business what blacks do in their own community - but the truth is we are afraid of the racism label - something that year by year has been used to silence critics no matter what the outrage - nothing is beyond these people - there is no level to which they will go, and we say nothing, even though we know full well what's going on.

So corrupt Democratic leaders have a field day in the black community - robbing, abusing, looting and all the rest - for 50 years (50 years!) now Democrats have had it all their own way in the black community and the result is unbelievable amounts of violence, no educational achievements, and constant demands for money for the favored corrupt institutions that made Democratic leaders wealthy while the community is dying.   And we say nothing because we think that it is none of our business and we too cowed anyway - the constant fear of being called a racist. Even when it is crystal clear what's going on. 50 years! And no end is sight.

And again, we say nothing since we are frightened to death of being called racists.

But..anyone ever see any chance that the community will ever get better? Are we going to stand by while the Democrats and their friends in the media do the same thing to 50 million Latinos?

The answer is yes - there are no people of courage willing to take the Democrats to task for committing the equivalent of a national holocaust against 35 million people. 

It is corruption and it destroyed an entire group of people, who have been under the boot heel of Democrats for 50 years now.  And we say nothing while all this is done under our very noses - we think it is a black thing.   it's not - it's an American thing.

Isn't there someone out there with courage?