Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Democratic Party has made corruption into a high art.  As one example, Democrats take public money contributions funneled through public unions. can you imagine the outcry if Republicans did that?

But tops on the list of Democrat corruption is its molding of African Americans into the perfect Democratic community - first by destroying the family by subsidizing unwed mothers and ensuring that money is not paid if a father is present, thereby criminalizing the community; second by co-opted the leadership into being more favoring Democrat than the community; third by importing immigrants by the million here at the behest of Democrats, and who take jobs traditionally done by blacks; all of this forces the community to become ever more dependent on government; and finally by having Democratic media adopt a political correctness standard so that the corruption of black Democratic leaders are carefully hidden, as are the awful statistics in the community - and using the media to ensure that Democrats get get close to 100% of the vote by using government and media to drive Republicans out of the community.

The result of Democratic corruption is the awful state of the black community today - shattered family, criminalized community, low educational achievements and more - we all see who is in those flash mob videos.

Or to put it another way - after 50 years shouldn't black leaders be calling for tax cuts for the wealthy? Instead of what we have today? I've seen it - go to Juvenile Court, Essex County, Newark NJ and see for yourself how children are abused by Democratic policies. It's like Dickens! And we are all silent even though we know the crimes and corruption of the Democrats in the ghettos. We all think it is none of our business, that it is up to these people to get under the boot heel of the Democratic repression.

And Democrats are doing the same to Latinos - who should be very afraid - and it is painful to say this but all Latinos have to do is to look at the experience of the black community over the last 50 years with Democrats to see what the the Democrats have in store for them.

What Democrats have done to blacks over the last 50 years is nothing less than a national holocaust - and no one is saying a thing about it since Democrat media has silenced critics by making any criticism of the black Democratic leadership the same as racism.

So the community is left to the tender mercies of a corrupt Democratic leadership - Sharp James and Marion Barry are just two examples among many. 

We - all those outside the community -  know what's going on, but we are silent, we tell ourselves that it is none of our business what blacks do in their own community - but the truth is we are afraid of the racism label - something that year by year has been used to silence critics no matter what the outrage - nothing is beyond these people - there is no level to which they will go, and we say nothing, even though we know full well what's going on.

So corrupt Democratic leaders have a field day in the black community - robbing, abusing, looting and all the rest - for 50 years (50 years!) now Democrats have had it all their own way in the black community and the result is unbelievable amounts of violence, no educational achievements, and constant demands for money for the favored corrupt institutions that made Democratic leaders wealthy while the community is dying.   And we say nothing because we think that it is none of our business and we too cowed anyway - the constant fear of being called a racist. Even when it is crystal clear what's going on. 50 years! And no end is sight.

And again, we say nothing since we are frightened to death of being called racists.

But..anyone ever see any chance that the community will ever get better? Are we going to stand by while the Democrats and their friends in the media do the same thing to 50 million Latinos?

The answer is yes - there are no people of courage willing to take the Democrats to task for committing the equivalent of a national holocaust against 35 million people. 

It is corruption and it destroyed an entire group of people, who have been under the boot heel of Democrats for 50 years now.  And we say nothing while all this is done under our very noses - we think it is a black thing.   it's not - it's an American thing.

Isn't there someone out there with courage?

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