Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Dilemma

Not long ago I participated in a discussion about the terrible damage caused by the Democratic Party, and how it is difficult to think about it without feeling hatred for those who are destroying an entire nation. How can you not feel hatred - for an organization which for a century and a half now has caused such misery and destruction, and whose rare and always flatfooted efforts at doing good always causes even greater misery?

This site has focused on African Americans since they more than anyone else have suffered from the corruption, arrogance and plain evil of the Democratic Party. The Democrats and African Americans have a long, long, long history together, dating back when the Democrats were the party of the slave owning antebellum South, as well as in the post civil war South of Jim Crow, segregation and lynchings. Through it all the Democratic Party held sway over an entire region whose way of life was premised on the worst sort of racist repression. In the north, the Democrats became associated with big city corruption, and in an ironic twist, with the social policies of Franklin Roosevelt, among others. Somehow an evil partnership developed between the politicians of the urban north who used liberal policies to advance corrupt agendas, and virulently racist Southern Democrats. This has changed of course - the Republicans are now the leading party of the South and include many former Democrats. However, the racist policies of Southern Democrats has never been adopted by the Republicans, despite nonsense from the Democrats to the contrary - indeed what else would you expect Democrats to say about the loss of the South?

Nevertheless, the reasons the whites left and continue to abandon the Democrats is not because of racial politics, instead it is leftist policies, which it is plain to to anyone with a brain and without a corrupt agenda has caused misery and destruction everywhere these policies are implemented. In other words, the racist policies of the Southern Democrats were left at the door when they joined the Republicans - indeed, this was the basis upon which Democrats were allowed to join. However, in the Democrats twisted view, refusal by Republicans in the South (or anywhere else) to commit to liberal polices which resulted in the ruin of northern blacks is coincident with racism.

Of course, Democrats refuse to admit to or apologize for their past (and continuing) racist repression of blacks and partnership with segregationist Southern Democrats. For the Democratic controlled media more grounded in "1984" than anything else, history is meaningless - in fact according to this media, the racist, repressive policies of the old and new South has always been Republican. 

Welcome to Orwellian modern America.

Through most of American history, the Democratic Party has been a pestilence on the African American people. And it is in the Democratic treatment of African Americans that one can see the outlines of the Democratic plan for the country as a whole. It has not been lost on the Democrats that in return for imposition of dependence, joblessness, crime, lack of education and misery, African Americans have rewarded Democrats with close to 100% of the vote. In an ultimate irony the Democrats have seen in their destruction of the African American community, a scheme for the rest of the country, starting with Latinos and poor whites. It's goal is power for the few in return for misery for many, and it is based on abuse of the best impulses in those remaining. It is a plan premised on the Democratic Party's corruption, arrogance and an endless, unquenchable thirst for power.

So, how precisely should we react to an organization whose goal is the ruin of a free people? The Democrats, having relied on using the charitable impulses of those whom they seek to destroy and have endeavored to corrupt, perhaps are not prepared for disgust at their arrogance and delight in destruction.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Calfornia There You GO

So what's is new in California? Nothing good. Public unions contribute oodles of money to the Democratic Party so don't expect change except for the worse (worse as normal people think it, not Democrats) - the unions simply have too much power over the people who are in power in California.

Why is it that no one figured out that allowing public workers to unionize AND allowing them to make political contributions or to support political causes would be a bad thing?
But, of course, the creation of public unions and donating to the Democratic Party was something that went hand in hand. So the Democratic Party knew exactly what was going to happen when public workers were allowed to unionize - for Democrats public unions were a huge success since for the first time it provided a ready source of campaign money that originates from the public fisc - all taxpayers contribute.

So we all get to donate money to Democrats! Not only are Democrats the party of government, they are funded by government, while Republicans have to beg for money from the people - the 'little' people.

In short, the unions and the Democratic party entered into a corrupt bargain under which the unions were created and Democrats give to the unions generous wage and benefit packages, in return for which the unions make sure that Democrats were well supplied with taxpayer money. It's a beautiful arrangement - taxpayers fund not only the workers but the party as well.

Best of all the major media doesn't say a word about this arrangement since they are in favor of anything that helps the Democrats. Naturally, the Democrats provide well for media, to the point of employing large numbers of media in Democratic campaigns. The money gets spread around.As a consequence, public unions became very powerful and Democrats got lots of money so they win more elections, which allowed the Democrats to give more wages and benefits to unions which in return gave more money to supporting Democrats and to Democratic causes which allowed Democrats to win even more elections. It all goes round and round and round.

The problem is that what we have is not a workable arrangement for a prosperous, well functioning society. Plus people are still free to vote on this arrangement with their feet, which they are doing by fleeing from blue states. So, the Democrats need to import voters which they have been very successful in doing, legally and illegally - while at the same time rewarding those who come here with liberal benefits to ensure that the Democrats get even more votes.

The result of this sick, corrupt, arrangement for California? California went from:

--a highly functioning state with an educational system and educated population second to none,

--with low crime,

--an efficient public sector capable of doing great things at relatively low cost that taxed at an affordable rate,

--an economy that was the envy of the world,

--with mostly intact families that

--voted mostly for Republicans,

to a State with:

--shattered families and high crime,

--an inefficient, highly expensive, hugely corrupt public sector incapable of even providing basic services,

--a hugely expensive educational system that doesn't educate,

--an economy in tatters, which is the envy of none

--a confiscatory taxation and regulatory system

--and a hundred other problems too numerous to list here

--voting mostly for Democrats who are doing everything possible to destroy what had been built under the Republicans, since it drives away those who disagree with Democrats, allowing them to consolidate power so they can pass laws that drive more Republicans from the State so that....and on and on and on.

Democrats have employed its corrupt governance model everywhere they have power. Like locusts Democrats destroy everything everywhere they go. The California model - perfected in the cities - is rapidly expanding elsewhere, and is essentially the Democratic plan for the nation. That it leads to a corrupt, decaying society is inevitable, with the consequence being exactly what you can imagine - poverty, a two class system and - let's face it - the end to our democracy.

Worst of all this is being done under the very noses of a populations in the nation that have been manipulated to go along with what is being done - Democratic media is a master at manipulation and conditioning.

The saying is where California goes, the rest of the country follows. And, absent some miracle which no one should expect, or some massive awakening, which likewise isn't going to happen - what is going on in California is where the rest of the nation will be. It's too late to change for California and probably too late for the rest of us as well.

Thank you George Bush. Thank you Barrack Obama - you killed a country.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Ever get frustrated with the Republican Party's response to Democratic attacks? Ever wonder why the Republicans never seem take action in response to Democratic outrages? Seems stupid, doesn't it? Essentially, the stupidity lies in the inability of the Republican Party to adequately defend itself from coordinated attacks from Democrats and media controlled by Democrats, as well as an overall failure to show the Democratic Party for what it is - a party grounded in and operating on corruption.

Examples? Let's examine Reagan and the issue of homelessness. Part of the Democratic plan to undermine Reagan was constant repetition of the assertion that Reagan was against poor people - that Reagan didn't care about the poor. What Democrats did was use its control of the media to dramatize the issue of homelessness. Democratic media and the Democratic party worked hand in glove to publicize a new found 'crisis' of homelessness. This continued throughout Bush I's term, but ended when Clinton took office. Was the homeless 'problem' solved? Of course not - but there was no need to even discuss it now that a Democrat was President.

The homeless issue illustrates how Democrats are able to turn allegation into assumption into fact. It becomes a conditioned response, - Democrats and their media have mastered the art of manipulation through conditioning. You see the conditioning when you talk to a Democrat and point out that on this or that issue that there is nothing behind an allegation, and what you get is sputtering and anger - it is eerie.

Is this coordinated manipulation ever pointed out by Republicans? Of course not.

More recently, we have the anti-war protests. During the Bush II Administration, anti-war protests were front page news, and Cindy Sheehan was the hero of the day. Republicans become the party of the war mongers - the lying war mongers, and everything associated with war is bad. Then, Obama takes office, the issue disappears and Sheehan is tossed aside. But, the taint of war mongering stays with Republicans - in fact, if you ask which party started the Vietnam War most people will say Republicans, even though Nixon ended the American presence in Vietnam.

Not the best examples, perhaps, the way the media used the response to Katrina is much better - this was done solely because after the 2004 election some African Americans were looking at the Republican Party and the Democrats were desperate to find an issue to paint the Republicans as racist. Of course nothing but silence on this from the Republican Party. And Democrats are very interested in ensuring that Republicans are always the party of racism - despite the fact that it is Democrats, as the party of slavery, Jim Crow and lynchings, have a century old tradition of racism.

But, back to stupidity and Republicans. How else to explain why the Republican Party continued to allow Democratic media to host debates even as that media uses the debate forum to make Republican candidates look bad? Or why did Sarah Palin ever agree to allow herself to be interviewed by Katie Couric - she had to know that Couric would be seeking to make Palin look bad. Same thing with Boehner -why on becoming Speaker did he agree to be on "60 Minutes."?

Stupid stupid stupid.

The Republican Party never seems to understand how the deck is stacked against them - how it plays by certain rules, while the Democrats make up the rules as it goes along. So Democrats are able to destroy an entire community - African Americans - with 50 years of shockingly dismal results, and no hope for the future in the inner cities - no surprise of course given the Democratic party's history, as mentioned, as the party of slavery, Jim Crow and lynchings. But do Republican say anything about it? No, what they do is allow themselves to be unfairly tarred with the racism brush, even as taxpayer money is poured into the corrupt pockets of Democratic leaders in the inner cities, and Democrats refuse to acknowledge their awful past.