Friday, March 2, 2012


Ever get frustrated with the Republican Party's response to Democratic attacks? Ever wonder why the Republicans never seem take action in response to Democratic outrages? Seems stupid, doesn't it? Essentially, the stupidity lies in the inability of the Republican Party to adequately defend itself from coordinated attacks from Democrats and media controlled by Democrats, as well as an overall failure to show the Democratic Party for what it is - a party grounded in and operating on corruption.

Examples? Let's examine Reagan and the issue of homelessness. Part of the Democratic plan to undermine Reagan was constant repetition of the assertion that Reagan was against poor people - that Reagan didn't care about the poor. What Democrats did was use its control of the media to dramatize the issue of homelessness. Democratic media and the Democratic party worked hand in glove to publicize a new found 'crisis' of homelessness. This continued throughout Bush I's term, but ended when Clinton took office. Was the homeless 'problem' solved? Of course not - but there was no need to even discuss it now that a Democrat was President.

The homeless issue illustrates how Democrats are able to turn allegation into assumption into fact. It becomes a conditioned response, - Democrats and their media have mastered the art of manipulation through conditioning. You see the conditioning when you talk to a Democrat and point out that on this or that issue that there is nothing behind an allegation, and what you get is sputtering and anger - it is eerie.

Is this coordinated manipulation ever pointed out by Republicans? Of course not.

More recently, we have the anti-war protests. During the Bush II Administration, anti-war protests were front page news, and Cindy Sheehan was the hero of the day. Republicans become the party of the war mongers - the lying war mongers, and everything associated with war is bad. Then, Obama takes office, the issue disappears and Sheehan is tossed aside. But, the taint of war mongering stays with Republicans - in fact, if you ask which party started the Vietnam War most people will say Republicans, even though Nixon ended the American presence in Vietnam.

Not the best examples, perhaps, the way the media used the response to Katrina is much better - this was done solely because after the 2004 election some African Americans were looking at the Republican Party and the Democrats were desperate to find an issue to paint the Republicans as racist. Of course nothing but silence on this from the Republican Party. And Democrats are very interested in ensuring that Republicans are always the party of racism - despite the fact that it is Democrats, as the party of slavery, Jim Crow and lynchings, have a century old tradition of racism.

But, back to stupidity and Republicans. How else to explain why the Republican Party continued to allow Democratic media to host debates even as that media uses the debate forum to make Republican candidates look bad? Or why did Sarah Palin ever agree to allow herself to be interviewed by Katie Couric - she had to know that Couric would be seeking to make Palin look bad. Same thing with Boehner -why on becoming Speaker did he agree to be on "60 Minutes."?

Stupid stupid stupid.

The Republican Party never seems to understand how the deck is stacked against them - how it plays by certain rules, while the Democrats make up the rules as it goes along. So Democrats are able to destroy an entire community - African Americans - with 50 years of shockingly dismal results, and no hope for the future in the inner cities - no surprise of course given the Democratic party's history, as mentioned, as the party of slavery, Jim Crow and lynchings. But do Republican say anything about it? No, what they do is allow themselves to be unfairly tarred with the racism brush, even as taxpayer money is poured into the corrupt pockets of Democratic leaders in the inner cities, and Democrats refuse to acknowledge their awful past.

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