Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Most Corrupt Entity on the Planet - But Where Are the Republicans?

Republicans somehow have to offer themselves as alternatives to the absurdly poor and corrupt government which is what the Democrats offer when they get entrenched in power.

Nationally when one party does a terrible job it gets voted out - the voters give the other party a chance. But things are changing: Democrats are terrible wherever they govern - there are no examples of good Democratic governance. The Democratic model of governing is deeply flawed, although for Democrats it works perfectly. Democrats destroy whatever they touch - purposely so, since failure, at least "failure" as the accepted definition of the word, leads to more votes not less.

In short, Democrats have learned that poverty, lack of education, single parents families, and most of all corrupt government leads to Democratic politicians getting not simply a majority of the votes, but ALL the votes, since these conditions drive out those who disagree with Democratic governance policies. This lesson has been taken to heart in California where you see the results of Democratic governing. To us it isn't pretty. To Democrats it is paradise.

When voters choose corrupt politics and politicians, it should be an opening for Republicans. But, Democrats have used devices such as political correctness, under which to even mention how bad conditions are is considered racist, as a way to silence critics of the Democratic leadership, especially in the black community. As a consequence, there are no alternatives, the same corrupt government gets re-elected year in and year out. In Newark, New Jersey, for example, even prison for the former mayor doesn't mean that his faction isn't going to be re-elected next year.

A big part of this is the Democratic lock on the media, which allows Democrats to day in and day out set the agenda not only on a national level but on a local level as well. On a national level just think how different the conversation would be if we had a Republican president. The articluated concerns of the country would be completely different. The Democrats still retain enormous power over the media - in fact despite talk radio, Fox, and the internet very little has changed. It is still Democratic media that sets the rules, sets what we talk about, and how we talk about it.

The Democrats call the shots and Republicans always play by the rules that Democratic media sets. Republicans, and Republican/conservative media (even this site) somehow have to stop reflexively talking about whatever Democratic media sets out there, whether it is gun control, immigration etc.

And Republicans have to learn that Democratic media has only one goal - to make Republicans look bad and Democrats look good. It would be helpful if Republican candidates simply avoided Democratic media - the publicity is not worth the shellacking that these candidates get.

In other words, somehow Republicans have to stop being so damn stupid all the time. There are opportunities out there - people don't want corrupt, inefficient government where the object is ONLY to fleece the working man and woman, destroy their families, criminalize their communites, flood it with immigrants and destroy their childrens will to be educated. yet that is what Democrats do, day in and day out, and they never get called on it, no one is ever honest about what's happening even as it goes on right in front of them. I have written some pretty harsh things about Democrats, invited someone/anyone to respond, but by addressing the issue not by pointing the finger at something else which is standard Democratic counter attack.

Because someone has to say what we all know about Democrats - what they are and especially what they have been doing to minority communities. We all think it is none of our business because we have been conditioned to think that way - and those who do speak up are immediately labelled as racists. It's why Democrats want everyone divided - they figure that those outside of a community can't talk about other communities, since they don't share the "experience" of being in that community. But we all have eyes and ears, and we can all see and hear what Democrats are doing to those under their control. Corruption gets rewarded with votes - those who don't like it leave, are replaced by more compliant immigrants, and then you have California - a blue state on its way to the third world.

The corruption outlined in this article are the future of California, and the future everywhere else too. Because sooner or later there won't be any place left to go where these people are not in control. It's a hard lesson, but Republican leaders have to start being mroe honest about what;s going on.

Need I say more - there isn't anyone reading this who doesn't know what;s going on. But, our leaders have become conditioned by Democratic media to stay silent even as their fellow Americans are year in and year out robbed, raped, stripped of their dignity, their children grow up in drug and crime infested communities. Someone has to talk about it.

California offers Democrats the chance to put their policies in place on a state wide level. The local corruption is now all too common, as a result....we are in for some very bad times.