Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Jersey - On The Road to Democratic Paradise

I live in New Jersey. I know what is wrong with New Jersey. It is government and media, plain and simple. They have:

(1) Taxed us to death - my father paid $21,000 in property taxes on a $600,000 house in Essex County. He left.  He was told that Newark was the problem - the subsidies needed for the poor. Wait a second - we are told that cities are engines of  growth, not money pits.  But in New Jersey cities take from the rest of the state.  But, that;s only part of it - we also have high income tax, a high sales tax - but lower in the cities, a lottery to make sure the poor get taxed, gas tax, excise taxes, corporate taxes, we have high motor vehicle fines, which are another tax and on and on.

(2) Unionized us to death - Public unions make a good living in New Jersey - generously donating taxpayer dollars to keep Democrats in office, who promptly give them just about whatever they  want. Who could not have figured out that would be a problem? Isn't this corruption that has been institutionalized corruption?

(3) Environmentalized us to death - New Jersey has the most stringent environmental laws in the country.  Substantial parts of the state - the "Pinelands" and the "Highlands" are almost completely closed off from development (also they are Republican - no coincidence).  Businesses are unwelcome - when Maxwell House finally threw in the towel, our environmental agency was ecstatic since that was one less factory.  Aggressive over- regulation has resulted in industry after industry leaving the state.  And New Jersey actually subsidizes environmental groups who make life miserable for the few industries left.

(4) Corrupted  to death - in addition to Democrat party institutionalized corruption there is the New Jersey way to do business - which is pay offs to everyone. Want to represent a state agency? Make the right campaign donations. Yes there are pay to play laws, but these have changed nothing. 

(5) Welfared to death- As in other states, African Americans bought into the poison offered by Democrats.  The result?  The black family hardly exists in the major cities - and we get crime, gangs and the cities are abandoned at night except for the criminalized African American community. Since the leaders are bought and paid for by Democrats, the one party system makes sure that the same people get re-elected despite delivering nothing and getting rich off the generously subsidized (by foundations and government) poverty industry.  New Jersey's cities are money pits, and the problem is the Democrats, who do nothing but point fingers to deflect attention.  For over 50 years now the black Democrat politicians have been actively making the situation worse and worse, while living off the misery of those who they supposedly govern.

(6) Judiciaried us to death - In New Jersey the population is ruled by a judiciary, which has asserted itself into area after area.  We are forced into requiring municipalities to zone for affordable housing -a clearly legislative function -  which then led to suits by developers in order to build housing in unsuitable locations.  New Jersey courts have also equated money with education,  imposing school funding that doesn't do anything for education, but pumped billions of dollars into a corrupt bureaucracy that built nothing.   From health care to housing to everything else, the Courts act as a super legislature, from whose decisions there is no appeal.

(7) Liberal Media'ed to Death - New Jersey is in the belly of the liberal media beast, being next to New York City. And it shows - nothing the left wing of the Democrat party does can do no wrong, and no outrage so bad as to be reported.  This media excuses all in the name of left wing Democrat policies, and they have been complicit in the destruction of New Jersey's cities.

(8) Immigrationed to death - everywhere you look are immigrants, mostly poor, mostly uneducated, and many getting benefits generously given by Democrats in State government.
These people have driven down wages and taken jobs formerly held by African Americans, and have displaced blacks from areas where they have been for generations, causing racial and ethnic tensions which go unreported by the Democrat press which doesn't want to print anything that interferes with its unrealistic view of the world.

This is only part of the story - New Jersey has a miserable higher education system, terrible schools thanks to teacher's unions, and Democrat party policies in the cities.  The mostly Republican middle class has been deserting New Jersey for years.  The formerly healthy manufacturing sector is long gone. the communications industry is gone, chemical industry gone. there are still vast tracts of waterfront that need to be redeveloped but who would bother?,  the cities are cesspools, Atlantic City has been an utter failure and more.

In fact, New Jersey is swiftly becoming a Democrat paradise: lots of poor, most of them dependent on government, lots of overpaid government employees, and a few rich. What more could a Democrat ask for?

The very definition of  a third world nation.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Democratic Party - the Party of Institutional Corruption

 SO WE HAVE public sector unions funneling what is essentially taxpayer money to politicians of one party - Democrat - in order to elect compliant legislators in order to get wages and benefits.
It shouldn't have been allowed, and the only reason it has been unremarked is that it benefited the Democrat Party, so the national media let it alone.  The national media adopts the policy that whatever helps Democrats is good, no matter how poisonous.

So: Democrats have public sector unions funneling taxpayer money to Democrat party coffers. Institutional corruption.

Democrats also used welfare policies to destroy the African American family, leading to crime, dependency and lack of education. And full time government dependency. And a small group of black Democrat leaders, including Obama, ride the poverty gravy train to wealth and power. And not to forget importing immigrants to vote Democrat who take jobs and benefits away from traditionally done by African Americans.

60 YEARS the Democrats have had to improve the inner cities and conditions are worse then ever. The Democrat Party, the party of the KKK and Jim Crow does it again to African Americans proving that it is still the scourge of the black people.

Again, corruption on an institutional level.

And again, a media helped - by adopting a doctrine known as 'political correctness' under which Democrat Party manipulation of African Americans is not mentioned.

Latinos should take note of the consequences of taking the poison handed out by the Democrats. Think of Detroit as the Democrat paradise - the end result of Democratic policies.
The Democratic party as an entire political party built on corruption, run by a small number of mostly white, mostly men, supported by a media that is mostly white, almost entirely male.

You have to be seriously stupid or seriously corrupt to be a Democrat or support a Democratic candidate. And you have to be seriously detached if all you are doing to defeat the Democrats is sitting at your computer and blogging.  So...get going - call your local Republican and Tea Party leader and GET INVOLVED!

Monday, August 8, 2011


It is August 8, 2011 and Obama has not said word one about the S & P downgrading of the United States debt.  How can the media not ask why not? Would they give a Republican President a pass?
How can the leader of the country be silent?

This is typical. Obama doesn't allow his fingerprints on anything - the stimulus was done by Congress, same with Dodd Frank and Obamacare - Obama just signed what was put in front of him. After his shellacking in 11/10 Obama deserted the stage, leaving it to Clinton as the adult in the room to answer questions. He failed in his handling of the BP spill, his actions with respect to the Bin Laden episode were hesitant and the delays were as a result of political considerations, and afterwards he shamelessly milked the episode. He offered no plan on the debt but left it to Congress.

This is not a leader.  This is not a man of character.  This is a puppet, and a true empty suit - we finally have a real example who can define the phrase.  We could have forgiven him some instances of not getting involved in the country's problems - but we have now had almost three years of this - almost three quarters of his term, and....nothing.   Without being propped up by most of the media, which never calls Obama to account - he would have ratings half what they are.

Could you imagine a Republican President being treated this way? Heck would the media have treated Clinton this way?

Something is critically wrong with Obama - look at his actions, not his words.

This is not a man who deserves re-election, so get off your computer, and call your local Republican leader and get this guy out - by this own terms he doesn't deserve more time at the job. He certainly doesn't seem to enjoy it very much - except for the perks.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


As a conservative, I've always felt a natural identification with Republicans - they are, after all, the party of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater et als. But after the fiasco over the debt deal, I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it is better to leave the party, and let them come to me for my vote.

Bush, McCain now McConnell and Boehner. These are not people with whom a conservative can identify. So is the Republican party the party of like minded people, people who believe in conservative values?  Sure doesn't seem like it.

If forced to choose between the Tea Party and the Republican Party, nearly all would choose the Tea Party. People in the Tea Party are passionate about the belief that government is spending too much money, and the consequences will be disastrous. The Republican Party pays lip service to this idea.


After reading another article on a teaching program "which really teaches children to read" I shake my head in wonder.  Every years or so another piece comes out like this, where the assumption is that there is some teaching panacea out there that will somehow change things around, that the problem with education in this country is the way we are teaching. Every year or so you read it, a brand new program that, THIS TIME, teaches children. Then time passes, the solution proposed fades away, until the next time we hear that - THIS method, THIS time, will work.

It is a poor joke, these methods, and just another way to detach money from taxpayers. There is no substitute - NONE - for TWO parents involved not only with their children's education, but all of their children's development. Parents who will work with educators to find the right way to teach. Problem solved, right?

Well, close, but not quite.  It helps - lots and lots - if the children are in a culture that values education. Since American culture, that is popular culture, in which our children are immersed since birth and is now synonymous with American culture, puts zero value on education.  In fact, our culture that places value not on education, but on failure. The heroes fail, but what is never shown are the consequences of failure - the dead end jobs, the awfulness of not having only enough money for the basics. What is not shown is the sheer ugliness of being uneducated.

No, you cannot tell media what to program, but involved parents can tell children what to watch, or you can toss out the television entirely. It won't be missed. Perhaps if more people did that, or understood that every time they watch something they make an endorsement. And right now most of what is being shown is pure poison.

The other part of this is the politics of single parenthood. Can we - finally - admit that this is not a recipe for good parenting, despite anecdotal examples to the contrary? And maybe the expression, "we stayed together for the children" was something that did make sense - that people should understand that having elected to bring a child or children into the world, that they should buck up and shoulder the consequences, which include staying together and getting along with your spouse/partner?

And maybe we can also agree that subsidizing single parenthood is not a good idea, that there has to be more consequences than a check and food stamps every two weeks.

This issue is infuriating, since it deals with children, who are being punished on a massive scale since as a society we have fallen for the nonsense that has been broadcast at us since the 1960's. And African Americans most of all. Are we even allowed to say that the African American family is in ruins, leading to crime and lack of motivation to get an education, without running into some politically correct reinforced silence, meant only to protect those who are responsible? And to keep the poverty gravy train running?

As a society we need to face the fact that experiment in moving away from the two parent family has been an utter disaster - which has affected some groups more than others. Hopefully, we are not like Humpty-Dumpty and we can put the pieces back together. If it can be done at all.

Because if we can't solve this then we are finished as a first world nation, and the consequences of failure is poverty on a scale not seen for generations.


I belong to one of the strongest Tea Party groups in the country and not one likes the budget deal.  All feel betrayed by the Republican Leadership.  Boehner allowed himself to be out maneuvered on every conceivable level - he and others in the leadership fell into the trap of splitting the party, in other words, Democrats succeeded in creating a rift between the Republicans and the Tea Party, which well over 90% of Republicans identify with - 24% of Americans call themselves Tea Party members, which isn't much less than those who are registered Republicans.

How can the leadership not understand this? Boehner allowed the party to be divided into those who identify with the Tea Party, formerly automatically Republican, and now look at the Republicans almost as bad as Democrats.  Boehner and the Republicans just alienated their base, and it may never come back. You can't have a party - you can't win elections - without people, and Boehner just thumbed his nose at those needed to win elections. He just showed those people who called themselves Republicans and Tea Party members that being Republican is inconsistent with being in the Tea Party.

It is difficult to imagine the awful stupidity of the Republican leadership - to basically toss away any chance of winning the next election. They have just told their base, the most passionate among them, that they are not wanted, that they should go elsewhere. And the anger they have provoked among the base is as high as any anger at Democrats.  It is difficult to comprehend the degree of close minded incompetence that led them to the decisions that have made. 

Where do we go from here? We are literally in unknown territory. But the Republican leadership will regret this - they have cut themselves off from the people who make up the party. How the heck do the Republicans get people to vote - when what the party believes in is directly contrary to what the members believe in?

Truly the party of stupid.