Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Jersey - On The Road to Democratic Paradise

I live in New Jersey. I know what is wrong with New Jersey. It is government and media, plain and simple. They have:

(1) Taxed us to death - my father paid $21,000 in property taxes on a $600,000 house in Essex County. He left.  He was told that Newark was the problem - the subsidies needed for the poor. Wait a second - we are told that cities are engines of  growth, not money pits.  But in New Jersey cities take from the rest of the state.  But, that;s only part of it - we also have high income tax, a high sales tax - but lower in the cities, a lottery to make sure the poor get taxed, gas tax, excise taxes, corporate taxes, we have high motor vehicle fines, which are another tax and on and on.

(2) Unionized us to death - Public unions make a good living in New Jersey - generously donating taxpayer dollars to keep Democrats in office, who promptly give them just about whatever they  want. Who could not have figured out that would be a problem? Isn't this corruption that has been institutionalized corruption?

(3) Environmentalized us to death - New Jersey has the most stringent environmental laws in the country.  Substantial parts of the state - the "Pinelands" and the "Highlands" are almost completely closed off from development (also they are Republican - no coincidence).  Businesses are unwelcome - when Maxwell House finally threw in the towel, our environmental agency was ecstatic since that was one less factory.  Aggressive over- regulation has resulted in industry after industry leaving the state.  And New Jersey actually subsidizes environmental groups who make life miserable for the few industries left.

(4) Corrupted  to death - in addition to Democrat party institutionalized corruption there is the New Jersey way to do business - which is pay offs to everyone. Want to represent a state agency? Make the right campaign donations. Yes there are pay to play laws, but these have changed nothing. 

(5) Welfared to death- As in other states, African Americans bought into the poison offered by Democrats.  The result?  The black family hardly exists in the major cities - and we get crime, gangs and the cities are abandoned at night except for the criminalized African American community. Since the leaders are bought and paid for by Democrats, the one party system makes sure that the same people get re-elected despite delivering nothing and getting rich off the generously subsidized (by foundations and government) poverty industry.  New Jersey's cities are money pits, and the problem is the Democrats, who do nothing but point fingers to deflect attention.  For over 50 years now the black Democrat politicians have been actively making the situation worse and worse, while living off the misery of those who they supposedly govern.

(6) Judiciaried us to death - In New Jersey the population is ruled by a judiciary, which has asserted itself into area after area.  We are forced into requiring municipalities to zone for affordable housing -a clearly legislative function -  which then led to suits by developers in order to build housing in unsuitable locations.  New Jersey courts have also equated money with education,  imposing school funding that doesn't do anything for education, but pumped billions of dollars into a corrupt bureaucracy that built nothing.   From health care to housing to everything else, the Courts act as a super legislature, from whose decisions there is no appeal.

(7) Liberal Media'ed to Death - New Jersey is in the belly of the liberal media beast, being next to New York City. And it shows - nothing the left wing of the Democrat party does can do no wrong, and no outrage so bad as to be reported.  This media excuses all in the name of left wing Democrat policies, and they have been complicit in the destruction of New Jersey's cities.

(8) Immigrationed to death - everywhere you look are immigrants, mostly poor, mostly uneducated, and many getting benefits generously given by Democrats in State government.
These people have driven down wages and taken jobs formerly held by African Americans, and have displaced blacks from areas where they have been for generations, causing racial and ethnic tensions which go unreported by the Democrat press which doesn't want to print anything that interferes with its unrealistic view of the world.

This is only part of the story - New Jersey has a miserable higher education system, terrible schools thanks to teacher's unions, and Democrat party policies in the cities.  The mostly Republican middle class has been deserting New Jersey for years.  The formerly healthy manufacturing sector is long gone. the communications industry is gone, chemical industry gone. there are still vast tracts of waterfront that need to be redeveloped but who would bother?,  the cities are cesspools, Atlantic City has been an utter failure and more.

In fact, New Jersey is swiftly becoming a Democrat paradise: lots of poor, most of them dependent on government, lots of overpaid government employees, and a few rich. What more could a Democrat ask for?

The very definition of  a third world nation.

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