Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When it comes to racism, Democrats ARE IT.

Look at what the Democratic Party has done to the African American community - for 50 years now blacks have been one to one allied with Democrats. In return, the Democratic Party has: destroyed the black family, leading to criminalization of its community, no will to be educated and all the rest. And the national media has adopted a political correctness standard under which to even write about the problems in the black community as being caused by Democrats is verboten - since all black 'leaders' are Democrats. And there is now no will to make things better since blacks already deliver 100% of the vote to Democrats - so why black leaders think why change a thing when we can get rich on the poverty money?  See where this is?

Latinos should be afraid, VERY AFRAID. Democrats have  Latinos in their sights, with the same plan for Latinos that they had for African Americans in the late 1960's.  A culture of dependency. This is a harsh statement, but do Latinos want their community to be where Democrats have placed African Americans?  If so then make the mistake that African Americans made and take the money that Democrats offer.  Latinos too can have their families destroyed, their community criminalized and their children on flash mob videos.

The message to Latinos is: run away from Democrats - as fast as possible!  And tell these blood suckers to get out of your community!

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