Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Democratic Party - the Party of Institutional Corruption

 SO WE HAVE public sector unions funneling what is essentially taxpayer money to politicians of one party - Democrat - in order to elect compliant legislators in order to get wages and benefits.
It shouldn't have been allowed, and the only reason it has been unremarked is that it benefited the Democrat Party, so the national media let it alone.  The national media adopts the policy that whatever helps Democrats is good, no matter how poisonous.

So: Democrats have public sector unions funneling taxpayer money to Democrat party coffers. Institutional corruption.

Democrats also used welfare policies to destroy the African American family, leading to crime, dependency and lack of education. And full time government dependency. And a small group of black Democrat leaders, including Obama, ride the poverty gravy train to wealth and power. And not to forget importing immigrants to vote Democrat who take jobs and benefits away from traditionally done by African Americans.

60 YEARS the Democrats have had to improve the inner cities and conditions are worse then ever. The Democrat Party, the party of the KKK and Jim Crow does it again to African Americans proving that it is still the scourge of the black people.

Again, corruption on an institutional level.

And again, a media helped - by adopting a doctrine known as 'political correctness' under which Democrat Party manipulation of African Americans is not mentioned.

Latinos should take note of the consequences of taking the poison handed out by the Democrats. Think of Detroit as the Democrat paradise - the end result of Democratic policies.
The Democratic party as an entire political party built on corruption, run by a small number of mostly white, mostly men, supported by a media that is mostly white, almost entirely male.

You have to be seriously stupid or seriously corrupt to be a Democrat or support a Democratic candidate. And you have to be seriously detached if all you are doing to defeat the Democrats is sitting at your computer and blogging.  So...get going - call your local Republican and Tea Party leader and GET INVOLVED!

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