Monday, August 8, 2011


It is August 8, 2011 and Obama has not said word one about the S & P downgrading of the United States debt.  How can the media not ask why not? Would they give a Republican President a pass?
How can the leader of the country be silent?

This is typical. Obama doesn't allow his fingerprints on anything - the stimulus was done by Congress, same with Dodd Frank and Obamacare - Obama just signed what was put in front of him. After his shellacking in 11/10 Obama deserted the stage, leaving it to Clinton as the adult in the room to answer questions. He failed in his handling of the BP spill, his actions with respect to the Bin Laden episode were hesitant and the delays were as a result of political considerations, and afterwards he shamelessly milked the episode. He offered no plan on the debt but left it to Congress.

This is not a leader.  This is not a man of character.  This is a puppet, and a true empty suit - we finally have a real example who can define the phrase.  We could have forgiven him some instances of not getting involved in the country's problems - but we have now had almost three years of this - almost three quarters of his term, and....nothing.   Without being propped up by most of the media, which never calls Obama to account - he would have ratings half what they are.

Could you imagine a Republican President being treated this way? Heck would the media have treated Clinton this way?

Something is critically wrong with Obama - look at his actions, not his words.

This is not a man who deserves re-election, so get off your computer, and call your local Republican leader and get this guy out - by this own terms he doesn't deserve more time at the job. He certainly doesn't seem to enjoy it very much - except for the perks.

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