Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ode to Greece

 I recall talking some years ago with a consultant who was on its way back to Greece, which was his homeland.  He told me that in Greece most of the people are employed by the government, which pays livable wages, and requires little work in return.  He also said that at any given time half the country was on strike.

So, what is most surprising about the situation in Greece isn't that it is collapsing but that it took so long to do so. And other countries in Europe aren't far behind - a friend once told me that in France if a person didn't want to work the government would still support them - they could even raise a family, and have a pretty good life.  That seems to be common in Europe. Does anyone see a problem here?  In a republic, the government is, or is supposed to be, the people.  So essentially, what I was told is that people don't mind working to support those in the society who are too lazy to work - that the people who work have no problem giving part of their wages to pay for those who prefer to  be a full time sponge. 

The French and Greek system is not NOT communism by the way,  - in North Korea, the old Soviet Union, and other communist countries, the 'people' were not only constitutionally guaranteed a job but were REQUIRED to work. There are no slackers in the worker paradise.

So what are France and Greece and the other 'socialist' countries?  What form of government tolerates and pays for people who can't be bothered to contribute to society but are perpetual drags?   Whatever it is, it generate huge numbers of unemployed - these countries typically have unemployment rates in double digits. And it doesn't end well - in Greece the people voted themselves benefit after benefit - a guarantee of a government job at certain wages, private sector unions also the same. Sooner or later it had to collapse.

The United States is on the same path. Democrats with government union backing are taking us to the very same place as Greece - debt, dependence, collapse.  It is already happening in miniature in cities across the country - far too many people believed the lies the Democrats told them.  So Democrats were given control, the productive members leave, what remains becomes home to the poverty industry, with endless demands for money, and the next thing you know it is like Detroit or Camden - the ultimate Democrat 'worker's paradise.'  But for Rudy Giuliani, New York would have been in the same place.   In my state we are told that taxes are high because of the cities - but cities are supposed to be net generators of income, not endless money pits.

The problem isn't just cities. Immigrants come to the country, bring in their elderly family members which then have immediate access to social security, and health insurance, such as medicare and medicaid.  In the last five years the number of people collecting full time federal disability have almost doubled, from 5,000,000 to 8,000,000 which costs $120 billion a year. And on and on and on. Democrats cynically tell us we have to take care of the "needy" but then define the needy as expansively as possible, while at the same time destroying extended family ties (which in another age would have worked together to take care of family members) replacing such ties with government dependence.

Those who are Democrat but are still of good will - as opposed to the thoroughly corrupt party leaders - simply close their eyes and refuse to see what's going on. Their world view is so tied to the Democrat model, that somehow Democrats are good because their intentions sound good (although in practice thoroughly corrupt), and Republicans are always bad, that they refuse to believe that the model they have premised their whole belief system upon for so many years is based on lies, fabrication and corruption.  So the debt burden rises, those not participating in the system grows.  Soon, we have Detroit, from sea to shining sea. 

And it really comes down, as it always does, to perception, and what most of the still powerful (and paid off) media tells us about ourselves.  Which is that if we don't do these things, that we selfish - who would refuse to help those who need help?  By using such tactics our media has chipped away at traditional American culture, replacing it whatever we have today - a fragmented society, with no confidence in  our institutions.  The power of this media is vast indeed - as I wrote elsewhere, why hasn't the citizens of the inner cities voted for any party other than Democrats - even after 50 years of failure? The answer is simple: much of the media bought and paid for by Democrats - an unholy alliance that step by step destroyed the African American community and is now destroying the rest of us.
Detroit is the Democratic Party vision for America. If you want to prevent this - then work like hell to educate others about what's going on. Or do nothing, and pretty soon - much sooner than you think - what is happening in Greece will happen here.

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