Wednesday, June 15, 2011

California Nightmare

As one observes the dance of events day by day sometimes it is possible to make, for lack of a better word, "breakthroughs" in understanding. Issues or events which before were puzzling suddenly become clear. Sometimes this is based on additional information, such as when Fox News broke the story, based on investigation by the Media Research Group, that there were 31 organizations owned by George Soros paying off various editors at media outlets and major newspapers.  So that's why they write news biased toward 19% that identify themselves as liberal instead of 60% that call themselves conservative.  Clarity is achieved, and shareholders are driven away. Where is the SEC? But that article is for another day.

Let's talk about California.  Despite its reputation for bohemianism California is a traditionally Republican state.  But in 1983, a group of Democrats decided to change all that.   It started with the 1986 Immigration Amnesty bill, signed into law by a very foolish Ronald Reagan.  With the influx of immigrants, mostly from Mexico, California started to change, and change drastically. Once Democrats reached a certain measure of control they did what Democrats do - overtax, over-regulate, buying off unions.  This got to the point that not only were Democrats coming into the state through immigration, but Republicans (and business) began leaving, and leaving in droves.

Up to now, the assumption has always been that Democrats in California, heck everywhere, behaved like rational people - they want good schools, they want prosperity, they want people to lead, happy productive lives. However, seen objectively, it is clear that Democrats do not want these things, and especially not prosperity.  On the contrary, Democrats embrace poverty, they want over regulation so businesses to fail, they want misery, unemployment, hopelessness, poverty, dependence and all the rest. Why? Because when government does all it can to make things bad Republicans simply leave, and the people that remain are malleable and more likely to be and stay Democrat. Ever heard of an inner city going from Democrat to Republican?  You would think that after 50 years of failure the people in the inner cities would want change. But, that's not happening since the people do not see any future, other than the future the government makes for them.

And its not as if the media would point any of this out - the media is strongly pro-Democrat (see first   paragraph).

This is the Democrat model of governance, this is how Democrats rule and stay in power - not through prosperity, but through economic ruin. Let those who have money leave, they can be replaced by immigrants, and those who are immigrants can be made to stay so poor that they cannot possibly leave.

The result is a Democrat paradise.  that it looks like Detroit or Camden makes no difference - what matters here is power. So here it is - the Democrat formula for power - lots of poor, a few rich and a large, well fed bureaucracy.  It's a sick vision, premised on institutionalized corruption, but it is the Democrat vision for America.  Camden, Detroit, East St. Louis, coming to a state near you.

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