Monday, May 23, 2011

How the Democratic Party Destroyed the Black Community (and It's Doing the Same to Latinos)

The national media has, through decades of conditioning, convinced blacks to align themselves with an organization which has systematically destroyed their community, leading to violence on an immense scale.   The Democratic Party has maintained power in in the black community through lies, manipulation, half truths and the like, despite decades of worsening conditions.    

It is a story not told since the very media that allowed this to happen has adopted a policy which makes impossible to say anything about it.   In just a few generations, with the assistance of the national media Democrats have taken the promise of the civil rights era and ground it to dust.  Consider this:

  The Democratic Party through family aid policies have destroyed the black family.  well over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock.   Many are born to women who have multiple children from multiple fathers.   How did this happen? In the late 60's the New Jersey Newark Evening News used to run articles  about how Essex County New Jersey welfare agencies were throwing fathers out of the home if the mother was "on" welfare.  DEMOCRAT family assistance policies, implemented  nationwide led to fatherless homes, which led to the ruin of the black community.  
  The absence of a father in the home, or involved at all has been a disaster for the community. Statistics show that when two parent families are used as a basis for comparison, then on education and crime black and white are equal.   But, when considered as a group, crime for African Americans is totally out of all proportion to numbers and education achievement is dismal -  The one and only reason? Destruction of the black family.  Tthe grandmothers are gone - gangs fill in the void.   Money can't put this right.  In fact, the money spent on the poverty industry by government and foundations ends up the pockets of Democrat 'community' leaders, who get wealthy off the misery of the community

Destroyed family means crime.   Maybe Hollywood stars can afford to raise children in single parent households but for everyone else an intact family,a mother and father, and hopefully, aunts, uncles, and cousins as well, is necessary.  When an entire community is filled with single parent households you have today's inner cities - crime ridden, drug infested, ruled by gangs.  This result was not unexpected. In the early '60's and 70's none other than Democratic Senator Daniel Moynihan predicted that welfare policies that kept fathers out of the home would lead to the situation we have today.  But this prediction went against the grain of feminist teachings which are part of overall Democratic policies, which is that a father in the home is unnecessary.  The result is a nationwide social experiment, the results of which we have in the black community today.
Employment?  Democrat policies destroyed the black working class by putting into place massive legal and illegal immigration. But for this massive immigration there would have been a labor shortage.  These jobs would have been a stepping stone to advancement, or employers would have had to greatly increase wages in order that people stayed on the job. In other words, African Americans stood to reap an enormous benefit from the labor shortage.   However, in 1968 the "friend" of the black community, Ted Kennedy, enacted legislation that resulted in millions of immigrants, many of them unskilled, coming to America.  These immigrants took work in areas that had traditionally employed blacks - the jobs that the Democrat media derisively calls 'jobs that Americans won't take.'   In the absence of immigrants those jobs would have paid much better wages as the only way to attract workers, and could have acted as a springboard for African Americans toward better employment.   Now, thanks entirely to Democratic policies those jobs are gone for blacks.  
 Republicans supported immigration too, but never as a matter of overall policy, and rank and file Republicans, like most Americans, are dead set against immigration.  And wouldn't it be expected that Democrats would protect the  group that every election gives it 100% support?  And, ironically, most blacks are against immigration but black leaders, who are beholden to the Democrat party, support immigration, throwing their community under the bus in favor of what helps the Democrat party.

  And where are the headlines about what has happened to the black community, the terrible crime statistics, lack of education achievement etc.  Where is the outcry, the "60 Minute specials? Why is there no mention of what immigration has done to blacks, no mention of the relationship between fatherless homes, crime and education, after all the statistics are crystal clear?  You won't see it - Democrat media has formulated a concept known as  'political correctness' which silences the anyone who wants to talk about what's going on in the black community.   We hear nothing about the crime, loss of jobs and why things have not improved despite decades of Democrat control of the major cities, and trillions of dollars spent. 

  In 2005 there were - finally -some evidence that blacks were actually starting to think that maybe Republicans should at least be considered.   It wasn't long before the Democrats found in the response to Hurricane Katrina the way to stop the defections from the party line.   The Democrat media went in overdrive - with lies and exaggerations in its media blitz.  The response to Katrina was not wholly different from the response to any other disaster, with most of the problems caused by an incompetent mayor and governor, but in this response the Democrats saw a way to tar the Republicans with the hoary racist tag. And it worked.

It is incomprehensible that blacks can't see what is and has been done to them, and the reasons for it. Do you really think that the Democrat Party, which is led by a small coterie of white men, supported by a media that is also almost completely white, almost completely male, really gives a crap about the black community?   Look at what has been done for the last five decades - actions, not words.   Trillions spent, and the only thing to show for it is that the ghetto is far worse than in 1960. The silence in the media about all this is deafening- but since the blame falls squarely on the policies instituted by the Democrat Party you will never hear anything about what's really going on.  

  In 2003 I told Tavis Smiley at NPR that in ten years the problems in the black community would not only be unchanged, they would be worse. It's now eight years later and nothing has changed - despite phony promises from Obama the community is in worse shape than in 2003, and nothing will have changed in 2013 or 2023.  

There was so much promise at the dawn of the  civil rights era, all that blood, sweat and tears had to result in good, but instead of equal rights, and a healthy, prosperous, happy community, African Americans in America have been used, abused, it's chidren have been exposed to crime, substance abuse, it's leaders paid off, and on the ground nothing changes - things get, if anything worse.  African Americans are, if anything puzzled about the situation - it should be better but its not. Their leaders shout 'racism' at the drop of a hat, but this excuse is wearing very thin indeed, and it is readily apparent that the real cause of all the problems can be laid squarely at the feet of those who are supposed to be helping the community.  Democrats have been in charge of the cities now for for 50 years or more, and take a look at Detroit or in New Jersey, look at Newark, Camden, East Orange, Paterson, Plainfield, Trenton - it's the same story everywhere.  Immigrants come, immigrants leave, more immigrants come, same thing, but blacks stay in ruinous conditions in the ghetto.  And the rest of America has been cowed into silence - as to even mention the fact that blacks commit far too many crimes in relation to their population, are failing in education - just mentioning the statistics is racist.  Well, there is a reason Democrats want silence - it's their own awful record they want to suppress.  

How many scientists, educators, writers, artists have we lost -  and how many more will be lost before you understand what's going on?    

Latinos take note - all of the above is being done to your community. You want to take the poison Democrats are offering?

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