Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama Could Do it Better

Ever watch a news story unfold and wonder why no one else sees what you see? Here's an example...

Forget what you have been told about leftist university professors and Democratic Party supporters - the average Democratic voter is characterized by a profound ability to either be manipulated or to be unable to break free from manipulation. Remember when the hypnotist came into your school and got those most susceptible to hypnosis to climb on stage and perform tricks? Now imagine the same thing on a massive scale and you have the Democratic Party's message politics. However, there doesn't appear to be any way to snap your fingers under the nose of these people and show them how they have been played for fools.

Two news stories caught my attention and are relevant to this discussion. The first concerned  Obama. Apparently, Obama, a modest man, is in the habit of telling everyone that, no matter what the job they are doing, he - Obama - could do it better. Whether it be head of the FBI, his campaign manager, or the guy who shampoos the rugs, Obama believes he would be better at it and doesn't hesitate to say so.  (we should remember that when recalling the press conference after Obama's 'shellacking' in November of 2010, when he fled the stage leaving it to Clinton. A very revealing incident).

The second story was about how Obama recycles phrases and even entire speeches. Obama has apparently taken to heart the advice that if you repeat something often enough it will be accepted as truth. Plus, he can rely on the Democratic media to cover for him.

Putting all this together what do have? Answer - George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Obama's campaign is all about doing it just like 2008 - even to the point of using the same campaign speeches. And what speech really galvanized the liberal white and African American voter? The speech delivered after the revelations about Reverend Wright. As unbelievable as this sounds, the Martin/Zimmerman story is being manipulated as a setup for a speech. In that sense it is similar to the reaction to Hurricane Katrina, which was also manipulation on a massive scale, as a response to African American voters taking a look at the Republican Party - remember the black leader in Los Angeles who changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican? Katrina was all about that. And the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story, for all its ironies (for example, if Zimmerman is a "white Latino" then what does that make Obama?) is about one thing, the forthcoming speech on race from Obama. It will be "the speech" and it follows a pattern in 2008.

It is sad indeed how no one has yet caught on to the fact that this is what it is all about - setting up a speech that will generate the same claptrap as in 2008, plus solidifying the African American vote, which is all Obama's anyway. But Obama knows how critical this vote really is, especially since it gives Obama an immunity about certain very uncomfortable issues. So the speech will come, on race, as before, and as before Democrats will cheer and those who are not Democrats will ignore it. But Obama will have accomplished his critical goal of bridging an all important enthusiasm gap, and following his own lead, while he shows everyone what a genius he is. That it is at such a cost in terms of relations between black and white (mostly black to white) means nothing to Obama.

This mean little man, who always thinks he is the smartest, maybe the only real person in the room, could care less about race relations. In that sense he truly represents the Democratic Party, its mean spirit, its arrogance, its overall intent to crush all opposition, no matter what the cost. And in so doing, to destroy a group of people - blacks - who have foolishly aligned themselves to this band of corruption, which has destroyed their community.

After all, with Democrats having taken everything from black Americans - family, safety, prosperity, education, self respect, what is left?