Friday, August 24, 2012


Every year one group commits an insane proportion of the crime. Unbelievably, one can't even mention the statistics, because Democratic media has trained and conditioned Americans not simply to ignore it, at the pain of being called racist.  So...what is the consequences of this silence?

What this conditioning ensures is that one party maintains full control in the black community - the Democratic Party, the same party that was responsible for maintaining slavery in the South, which enacted Jim Crow laws, which formed and whose members comprised the KKK. And it was Democratic governors who were barring the schoolhouse door seeking to prevent blacks from entering. These are the people who have been in full control of the black community for the last 50 years.

But the foregoing is a minor point - it is northern Democrats who have control of the black community and they are every bit as ruthless as their southern counterparts although with a different strategy and a different face. However, the result are pretty much the same.

One party control means Democrats get just about the entirely of the black vote, while at the same time delivering nothing but decades of misery. The journalistic political correctness standard (and that's what it is), under which Democratic failures in the black community are subject to no outside criticism, arose in the 1980's. Perfect timing, right? Before that time, the blame for economic, social and educational failures in the black community could be directed at remnants of racism, but by the '80's the racism excuse was getting thin. So...Democratic media simply imposed a blanket of protection on Democratic failures in the community. It's still unclear whether this naturally evolved or was intentional.

So, despite 50 years of Democratic control, year in and year out black leaders are always positioning themselves as demanding more for the poor because their community - year in and year out, decade after decade, remains poor, and with horrid (and not often disclosed thanks to P.C.)stats on crime, and dismal education and economic achievements. So....always the demands for money, the claims of racism, but the truth is something else entirely - Democratic policies which encouraged single families, a victim mentality, and dependence on government have destroyed the community. What money does go into the community - and there is plenty of that - enriches those who purport year and year out to assist the community but in reality these people get rich, while year in and year out the community remains poor. And those bloodsuckers who get the money never pay a price for their lack of success - they simply claim that not enough money was spent.

The screams from Democrats about police brutality, and all the nonsense about stop and frisk are desperate attempts to get the attention away from their own failures - which are readily seen, but, thanks to the political correctness standard, never talked about, nor is there any price to pay for failure. For example, you don't hear, since Obama was elected, the demand for more jobs in the community from black Democratic leaders. It's as if they knew this demand was a sham, but the reality is that for Democrats the worst that could happen is community improvement.

What it is, is like Alice in Wonderland. Plain insane.

So, like trained seals, the rest of us ignore what goes on, leaving it to black Democratic leaders to govern their own community, which they do with an iron fist - and God forbid anyone says anything it - the Democratic media is there with the racism label, an instant career killer. After all how can anyone possibly prove that they are not a racist?

The result? For 50 years the community has been ground down by the Democratic Party - the people doomed to be raised where, ironically, real change is discouraged - and failure is always the fault of those on the outside. Where change is always talked about but where nothing ever changes.

No wonder there is anger - but it is misdirected.

It's not as if there isn't a ready and simple solution to the problems in the community- repair the family, put the father back in the home, discourage divorce and discourage single parenting. But, Democrats definitely do not want this - so they claim that family is a Republican issue and that Republicans are the enemy. And encourage and subsidize single parenting and make it acceptable through the example of Democratic media - where even drug abuse is excused.

Yes, it's a bleak picture, but it is also reality. No one ever talks about it because there is a price to be paid.

So if you wonder how a Democratic leader can complain about stop and frisk without mentioning the lopsided crime statistics, then bitch about the LACK of crime prevention while at the same time that police are attacked for 'brutality' and being called racists, you need to understand that Democratic leaders are desperate to pin the blame on others for their own failures.

Because, after all, after 50 years of solid control in the community, Democrats have run out of excuses, and at the worst time, before a Presidential election. Like three card Monte players Democrats must maintain as many distractions as possible.

Because, once the people Democrats have ruled for all this time understand - truly understand - what has been done to them, how they have been used, abused, pillaged, raped, and murdered by a coterie of corrupt, parasitic politicians, so called journalists and entertainers, there
is surely going to be hell to pay.

And when the Truth Commission gets going there will be lots of questions for Democrats.

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