Monday, February 25, 2013

Christopher Dorner and the Tipping Point

So, the Democratic media wants the public to take the ravings of cop killer Christopher Dorner seriously.  This is just another outrage from media that has lost all semblance of objectivity.

That said, the bigger issue seems to be that we have come to the point where there are no consequences when the outrageous happens. Every other day things happen or are said or done that a decade ago would have had grave consequences for the press, for the left, for Democrats, but now seemingly has no consequences at all.

Giving any credence to the ravings of murderous cop killer is something that would not have been done a short time ago. But things have changed, and changed rapidly. We have seemingly reached a tipping point, or some point anyway, where government, the left, Democrats, individuals do and say things that would previously been unthinkable. Why this is, I am not sure - it is likely that Democrats and their supporters in the media view the election and the present disastrous, ineffective, incompetent Republican leadership, and believe that they now have the country, and can do and say what they wish. And the press is using the old method of repeating unfounded assumptions as a way to reinforce conditioning ("of course the Republicans are racist"; "of course Obama is extremely popular"; of course the Republicans hater women") to drum certain concepts into the heads of the public.

In brief, Democrats have written off a substantial part of the electorate (do I have to spell out which part?), and no longer care what they think. The Democratic media has followed right along, doing and saying things that would previously been unthinkable. I am waiting for the day when CBS, NBC, ABC announce that they have abandoned their (phony) standards policies and are now doing opinion journalism. It would be a confirmation of what they have been doing for decades.

There is only so much outrage you can feel, only so many times you can get angry. We all hope that those governed by the left/Democrats will rise up and reject the snake oil the Democrats are selling - we all think that any moron would understand that Democrats are only acting for their own benefit and are doing nothing but harm to the governed. However, I am telling you the bad news that it will never happen - if places like California, Detroit, Washington, Newark prove anything it is that no amount of failure and incompetence, no level of corruption makes a damn bit of difference - especially when the media is right there telling the population over and over again that things aren't so bad, and the problems are not being caused by the Democrats but by someone or something else - the corrupt "system," and/or the Republicans.

And the Republican leadership seem to be hell bent on committing political suicide, despite the efforts of the best on their side, which they see as more of an enemy that the Democrats.

Maybe the response to Dorner isn't a good example. But, am I the only person who is getting that feeling that things are starting to spin out of control? You have to go back to the Carter Administration to recall the last time the mood of the country was like it is today - but back then we were a very different country, and the world a very different place.

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