Friday, February 17, 2012

Masochists And Other Taxpayers

As you look at the endemic corruption that is so ingrained in the Democratic part of government and that's with a capital "D", one has to wonder - how is it possible that taxpayers can be so stupid?

For those who enjoy being raped, robbed, beaten, pillaged and raped there are the public unions (they likes rape) - a very bad idea in principle and a far worse idea in practice. So, let's start with this premise: public unions are based on and operated for a corrupt purpose at the behest of the most corrupt institution on the planet, the Democratic Party. And such unions exist only as a means to funnel taxpayer dollars to the Democratic Party and its causes.

Anyone see a problem here? It doesn't take a rocket scientist - but where are the taxpayers? (sound of whipping).

It doesn't have to be this way - public unions are entirely creatures of statute - hey everyone! There is no right under federal law or the federal Constitution that gives public workers the right to unionize. As such, the individual states and their masochistic voters have complete control over these entities - they control the formation, the rules under which unions are run, the state is in charge of everything - the voters say "go away" and these entities go away. And "go away" is a good idea since in practice, since the way the unions are run is premised on this corrupt purpose, that the unions can use what are essentially state taxpayer funds as a means to influence legislators from one political party (Democratic), which in return for monetary support ensures that the unions get....whatever they want.

In the process, the entire system of governance is corrupted - and not the least the Democratic Party that benefits from these monies.

The emergence of public unions as the most influential group in State politics where unions exist cements the Republican Party's title as the "stupid party." Stupid is of course far better than corrupt. The failure of the Republicans to speak out in plain terms - and even Chris Christie does not talk about the corrupting influence of public unions with the degree of precision that this issue deserves - about public unions is inexplicable. How could Republicans have failed to see and failed to speak out about the terrible consequences of allowing state employees to unionize and donate money (and/or spend money in causes that influence voters to choose Democratic candidates) to the very legislators that determine wages and benefits? Could not Republicans figure out that these entities would be used as a pathway by which Democrats could have access to the public fisc for precious campaign dollars or to media that influences elections?

Just plain stupid - really really stupid.

Of course, it's the Democrats who have allowed themselves to make a devils bargain - by accepting campaign dollars from public unions, or support from such unions, Democrats ensure that government in those states which enact statutes allowing public workers to unionize will never have their fiscal house in order. Democrats, while paying a pretend game of freedom from influence from public unions, have to dance to the tune played by the unions no matter the consequences, including destruction of the private economy as the level of taxation rises so high that economic activity is stifled. Of course, to Democrats, lack of prosperity is never a concern - in fact, prosperity is an anathema to Democrats, since poor people vote for Democrats. So, for Democrats, the poorer the better, and if people stay poor, that's even better. Heck, ask African Americans - the perfect Democratic constituency - how well things are going after 50 or so years of solid - SOLID - support for Democrats. (more sound of whipping). That this is a short sighted view never seems to make a difference to Democrats. In fact, in their own way Democrats are stupid, but their corruption is such that it masks the stupidity. And stupidity and corruption is a dangerous combination that allows Democrats to be controlled by smart people with evil, corrupt intentions - like George Soros. If you want to see extreme evil combined with extreme corruption take a look at Soros's 28 year old Brazilian girlfriend. (how could she? HOW COULD SHE?).

It could be - although probably not - that those who made the original decision to go the route of allowing public unions may not have realized their mistake until it was too late. But, despite Wisconsin and Ohio, typically once government employees are unionized there is no going back - these entities are way too powerful. In New York for example, there is a political party ironically and somewhat humorously called the "Working Families Party" that entirely consists of government workers - and the WFP is a force to be reckoned with. The consequences of course, are a loss of political power for the State as a whole (i.e. the loss of two Congressional seats every ten years) as the population votes on the system with their feet. To add a touch of irony, the population loss is perfectly acceptable to Democrats, since by ridding the state of those who oppose their corrupt agenda, power is consolidated in those remaining. And, in places like New York, California and elsewhere, the lost population can be imported through immigration. Since it takes immigrants two or three generations to understand that Democrats are NOT the party of the poor (unless the object is to remain poor) Democrats can count on the votes of newcomers, for awhile at least.

But, you also have to wonder about this - when it is said that public unions are so powerful in many states that they can't be ousted, just what does that mean? What it actually means is that the unions have enough money to throw around to run commercials that influence the public to not do what should be done and get rid of these obscenities. In fact, it is so easy to manipulate the taxpayers - or rather the voters, which is certainly not the same thing since nowadays not too many voters pay taxes - that public unions not only stick around but they get what they want from legislators. That says not much about the public unions since we already know how bad they are, but it does say loads about masochistic voters, especially that part of the voters who are also taxpayers. (more sounds of whipping).

Sigh.....corruption when combined with stupidity and masochism equals a pretty dismal prospect for the future. Fortunately, there are still places where the corrupting influence of public unions are absent, but as a whole, as such unions are able to influence policy at the federal level, the future is anything but bright.

Especially for those stupid masochistic taxpayers.

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