Monday, February 13, 2012

The Democrats Ruthless Quest for Power in California

For those who didn't already know here's the reason why we have so many immigrants, legal and illegal, in California:

One reason and one reason only - the plan by Democrats to transform a red state to a blue state. And it has worked beautifully - Democrats, sometimes with the aid of duped Republicans like Reagan and Bush, used traditional charitable impulses enhanced by a goading media in a cynical maneuver aimed at achieving political power.  No other reason.

And power is what it is all about for the Democratic party (aka 'the most corrupt organization on the planet') - the demographic change in California is solely about what's good for the Democratic Party, and NOTHING else. The fact that what has happened has destroyed a state that was at one time the top in education and the economy means nothing to these people, all that matters is power.

As I've written elsewhere, an analysis of what has happened in California, why it happened and what's going to happen cannot be looked at in terms of what's traditionally thought of as rational. Rationally, one would expect a government that seeks improvements in education, reduction in crime and toward prosperity. Democrats have learned that the consequences of a community relatively free from crime, with high educational achievement, and prosperity is a loss of power.  Since Democrats get 100% majorities when the population is poor, the community has high crime rates and educational achievement is low what we see and hear from Democrats is lots of lip service about improvements based on these three factors, but that's all it is - the goal is to extract as much money as possible to treat these conditions while ensuring that nothing improves, while tax money is transferred to favored causes and, more important, party coffers.

In short, for Democrats in California and elsewhere the worst outcome would be an "improvement" in people's lives. So, the African American community in the inner cities is, 50 years after giving Democrats 100% loyalty, in dismal shape (see Heather MacDonald's articles on Chicago). Of course, that depends on how one defines 'dismal.' For Democrats, conditions in the inner cities are not dismal at all.  I recently had a conversation with someone living in Paterson, New Jersey - he told me of what used to be a rolling crime wave every afternoon when the heavily African American high school lets out the students for the day. Shop keepers would close, people would avoid that area until a few hours later. This was only addressed after the killing of a homeless man - now Paterson police surround the neighborhood on school days in an effort to prevent crime. However, in Paterson, Democrats are and have been in solid control for decades and decades - Republicans don't even bother to run candidates. One would think that after 50 years people would wake up to the fact that the one party system is what's causing the problems, but instead a Democratic lock on the local and national media prevent any discussion of Democratic policy failures in the community. (again, for Democrats - these are policy successes, not failures - the Democratic agenda is premised on maintaining power, not improving lives). And no amount of failure at improving lives ever leads to a loss of power for Democrats - it never happens.

And so it goes for California and elsewhere, where Latinos can look forward to, not lives of prosperity, low crime and high educational achievement, but rather, as a result of Democratic control, the destruction of the family, the criminalization of the community, little or no educational achievement, permanent conditions of poverty, and leaders selected for their loyalty to party, and ability to maintain the status quo.  And a media that maintains a seamless connection to party which blames the so called "problems" on lack of money and Republicans, and attacks any criticism of party leaders and their record as 'racist.'

What's set forth above is THE Democratic plan for California, so we may as well get used to it. It's a plan under which Democrats have maintained power in urban areas throughout the United States for scores of years now. And it has a 100% success rate - in no area where Democrats have taken control have they lost it.

In fact, California is the ultimate success story for Democrats - provided there is an understanding of what Democrats mean by 'success.' So, with California and with Latinos the Democrats impose a new holocaust.  And that is very much what it is - what else would you call permanent conditions of poverty, crime and zero educational achievement? What else would you call what Democrats have done to African Americans for last 50 years?

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