Friday, January 27, 2012


Obama makes speeches, once you hear a few you realize he isn't very good at it, there's no substance, and the same things are repeated - and  there's no execution. Gallop shows that Obama's poll numbers fell after the SOTU.

But you know that - since your schtick is schilling for the Democrats who knows if you believe the nonsense you write? It is hard to believe that there is anyone who would choose to be be a Democrat unless there is money in it.

And that's the root of the problem for the most corrupt organization on planet earth - the Democratic Party. How to ensure that there is enough money to keep the people in the Party happy.

The example of black Americans captures perfectly just how corrupt - and corrupting - the Democratic party really is. In the late 1960's African Americans made the fateful decision to put all their eggs in the Democratic basket. Obviously, if this had been a good decision then blacks would be wealthy, with happy prosperous families, living in crime free communities, with good jobs that require little government support, high educational achievements, and they would have a leadership that looks out for the community.


WRONG! Far from it - Black Americans have done poorly in the last 50 years on almost every level, and - no surprise - Democratic media has made any mention of this equivalent to racism. Why? How did that happen? It's not hard to figure out since implementation of a political correctness standard provides protection for the dismal failure of Democratic sponsored policies in the black community.  So, to even mention that the emperor has no clothes brands you a racist which that same media has conditioned us to consider mention of the statistics the worst insult in the world.

Do we really need to go through how poorly black Americans have done over the last 50 years in terms of education, crime, families, economics and the rest of it?  Just who is in those flash mob videos?  Is it racism to even mention it? Democratic media would have the fingers pointed at everyone but the real culprit for this - Democrats, Democratic - Democratic policies which have destroyed the black family, put a quarter of its men into the criminal justice system, destroyed - not education opportunity which is there, but the will to be educated, or to seek wealth and all the rest of it.  DEMOCRATS - no one else!

In Newark, NJ juvenile court where I represented children, or in Paterson, New Jersey, when the high school that is nearly all black gets out there used to be a rolling crime wave - shopkeepers close their stores and restaurants, people clear the streets -until a homeless man was just beaten to death by these kids in Paterson.  Why? In a city that has been under Democratic control for a century it comes to this? How can anyone defend the people that caused this?

So black leaders sit up from on high and tell us all about how terrific the Democrats are, how terrible the Republicans are, it is like Alice in Wonderland, and everyone but those affected know it.  There is no hope - none - for these children, because thanks to Democratic media  we can't even talk about what's really going on, and there are people like you defending the very people responsible for this!  You see any chance - any shot at all that the inner city black community will ever get out of its hole when the government subsidizes the current situation, and refuses to acknowledge that those subsidies are the problem?  That children need a mother and father at home because it can't be done any other way.

But wait, being pro-family is something that those right wing Republicans do.  But Republicans have nothing to do with running things in the black community, and that it is Democrats who run things and are alone responsible for the awful situation. Democrats who put leaders like Sharp James and Marion Barry in charge.  How can anyone possibly think that any of this can ever change when the Democrats are the ones who benefit the most for continuation of the current dismal situation.

In other words, since they get 100% of the vote now why change anything?

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