Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Democratic Party - The Most Corrupt Organization on the Planet: Part 2

In today's article, we discuss public unions, and how Democrats have used these organizations, which are also premised on corruption, as a method by which taxpayer funds can be directed to Democratic Party coffers.

There is an inherent evil in public unions, when such unions are able to contribute money to the campaigns of the very people and party responsible for hiring, salary and benefits.
When there are public unions the entire political system is corrupted, especially since such unions only give only to Democrats, which in return for the money gives the unions whatever they want. It doesn't take a great deal of intelligence to see how destructive this is - as can readily be seen in solid blue states, which are plagued by a combination of poor educational achievement and high taxes.

In short - and I've never heard any response to this  - if there has to be public unions (and there doesn't have to be, as the right of public employees to unionize is entirely statutory and what the legislature can give it can take away) why not forbid them to make political donations, or at the very least force unions to split donations between the parties? After all, it is essentially taxpayer funds that are being transferred.

Of course, since the Democratic Party benefit from such a corrupt system the Party would never agree to forbid donations. It's not even talked about. But, isn't there is something inherently wrong with funneling tax money through public unions? Heck, why not skip the unions and have the money go right from the treasury to the Democratic party coffers? (that's sarcasm). After all it's not much different from what's happening in New York, California, Illinois and other blue states.

Don't count on major media to echo what is in this article - such media is most certainly already working on the story that Wisconsin Republicans have destroyed the local school system. That this story is false is irrelevant to Democratic media.

What's especially puzzling is the relative silence of the Republican leadership on the corrupting influence of public unions. Even Christie never discusses public unions in terms of its corruption of the political process. This silence confirms the expression that Republicans, when it comes to their own self interest, are truly the "party of stupid." One example among many, why else would the Republicans continue to fund public broadcasting when it is so hostile to Republicans, and looks at every issue from a Democratic point of view (and, with Pacifica a radical Democratic point of view)?

As for Wisconsin, it is but a small and fragile victory in a depressing political landscape. Well entrenched public unions will not be so easy to remove in other states, especially when the Republican leadership does not recognize this for the critical issue that it is. Without strong leadership support the voters will never be told how corrupting such unions are to the political process, and a difficult task becomes impossible.

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