Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hypocrisy, now there's an overused word - there are always people who say one thing and do another, making this case is the easiest way to pretend to be witty. 

But, there is one issue that illustrates the hypocrisy of the Democratic left and its media supporters more than any other. We already know that this media is filled with cowards, who are deathly afraid to do or say anything to offend the Muslim world because they think that it could lead to some maniac slicing them in half with a curved sword.  But there is one issue in particular on which one would expect even the craven Democratic left to show some spine.

That is, of course, how the Muslim countries of  the world treat homosexuals.  You see, in the Muslim world, being gay isn't a lifestyle choice.  It isn't simply a crime either.  

No, in the world of the "Religion of Peace" homosexuality is a capital offense punishable by death - a speedy death.  And in Muslim countries this isn't just some old law that's on the books, which everyone ignores.  In the Muslim world, you get caught doing something homosexual, and it's time for a hangin'.   Let's take Iran. In Iran, like in many Muslim countries, homosexuality is punishable by....death.  In Iran this is one law that is enforced proudly and eagerly - not only does Iran round 'em up, put 'em to the noose, all of it is broadcast on what in Iran is network TV - the videos are readily available on the internet.  It wouldn't  be surprising if there is color commentary as well - someone is talking over the video.  

In other words, when the leader of Iran came here and said there were no homosexuals in Iran he spoke the truth - but he didn't add that there weren't any gays in Iran because they all had been executed.

And Iran is typical of the way gays are treated in the Muslim world, where other countries have similar laws and do the same thing. Iran, however, appears to be the only one which makes its executions downloadable.

So...what would you think is the left's reaction would be to Iran's wholesale persecution and slaughter of gays for doing something that is considered a basic human right in Western countries?   Something that could be considered worse than apartheid, since the people involved are hung in the public square and the whole thing is put on the nightly news?  Do we have mass demonstrations, the usual celebrity suspects wringing their hands on the news, screaming out for the rights of the oppressed, calls for boycotts, UN investigations, human rights trials in the Hague, do we have Occupy the Iranian Embassy?

Nope.  Nada. None of that, we hear no condemnation, nothing, just...silence.

How is it possible that there is nothing from the left on an issue which appears to be on par with South Africa's racist policies, much less Israel's "treatment" of the Palestinians, all of which creates far more noise, especially since the Muslim world's stand on homosexuality generates....silence? 

Really,  it's not hard to figure out why there is nothing out there.  Here's two reasons. First, Iran hates the United States, the Democratic left hates the United States, ergo Iran can't be all that bad - and to criticize Muslim countries for executing gays could not only lead to some nut declaring a fatwa, but it could also be viewed as support for the United States, which no one on the Democratic left would ever do.  

Second, and more important, and let's face it, the real reason: Democrats believe that homosexuals are repressed in the United States, and that both places treat gays equally bad.   That's right - here homosexuality is a protected right, but because some state haven't given gays an unequivocal right to marry, this is somehow the same as countries that make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.  In other words, the Boy Scout's refusal to allow gay scout leaders, is the same as persecution - by execution for the "crime" of  homosexuality.  To be a Democrat is to not to see any difference between executing someone and....inconveniencing someone.

The result of all this? Iran and other nations who murder homosexuals get a pass, a complete pass from the West. The hypocrisy here is nauseating - all the more so since Columbia University, the same place where an anti-illegal immigration speaker was literally tossed off a stage, actually gave the head of Iran a forum to speak and even applauded the speech!

Lord knows, and he does know - see my post on how the Democratic party is going to hell - heck, we all know that it takes an enormous amount of intellectual dishonesty, arrogance, hypocrisy, and just plain stupidity to be a Democrat.

But....for sheer naked hypocrisy this here takes the cake.

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