Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The New Democratic America

In California (and elsewhere) Democrats view the loss of business not as a detriment but as a benefit - they fully understand that poor financial conditions drive Republicans out of the state, consolidating power in the Democrats who remain. So as power grow, further policies are enacted which drive out more Republicans, who are replaced with poor immigrants.

Democrats know full well that two thirds of immigrants vote for Democrats in the entirely (and tragically) mistaken belief that Democratic policies help poor people.

The foregoing mistake IS tragic - Democratic policies are expressly designed to maintain the poverty status quo while at the same time enriching those who make money working the phony quasi-governmental poverty industry, as well as government employees themselves. The result? Economically it will look like a third world country - few rich, lots and lots of poor, and very well heeled government workers, party apparatchiks and intelligentsia, employed at the universities.

It is also a ponzi scheme, with the end result looking something like Detroit for the cities. And it is supported by a Democratic media that has an open door policy with those institutions supported under corrupt Democrats - the educational system, including higher education as one of many examples.

The liberal billionaires who support this system are in it for corrupt purposes as well, although their motives are far more murky. However, Soros, for example. has made it clear that his motivation is financial. One wonders at how and why an 82 years old man so consumed by greed.

The Democrats are full of sound and fury but their actions signify nothing but business as usual. I've mentioned many times the Democratic caused destruction of the black community - done while maintaining close to 100% of the vote -as the crowning achievement of Democratic policies. In that destruction we see the Democratic pattern for the future, a pattern being implemented statewide in California.

Soon, there will no place to hide from the Democratic locusts who are consuming California and other places. For now, control of major media allows these people control over the nations agenda. Education - real education as to the motives, methods and madness of these people is our only hope. God help us if we fail.

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