Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Black Experience with the Democratic Party

We still hear nothing of the Democratic Party's continued rape, looting, pillaging, robbing and murdering of the black community. 50 years ago blacks put all their support behind the Democrats - 50 years of backward progress, communities with broken families, crime at unheard of levels, little educational achievement, employment rates at a fraction of every other group - and yet media like yours hides these statistics in a vain attempt to protect black Democratic leaders like Obama who themselves benefited from the poverty industry.   That industry year by year acts as a conduit through which money flows from the government into the pockets of so-called 'community organizers' like Obama, the man who could "barely afford" a $1.65 million house.

How do you square the facts as set forth above with your own views of the Democratic Party? We aren't talking about Republicans here - how do you explain the importation of immigrants as votes for Democrats, when the jobs taken by theses same immigrants, the "jobs Americans won't do" had previously done by blacks?  In a scarce labor market and the '60's civil rights legislation these jobs could have been steppingstones to better employment, but as a result of Democratic endorsed, supported and enacted immigration policies these jobs were simply taken away by those willing to work for lower wages.  How is that for the Democratic Party working African American interests?

We both know - or you should know - that the Democrats for decades ignored blacks, assuming that they would never vote for Republicans, and, further they would be whipped into shape by black Democratic leaders.  In the meantime, the black family was shattering, crime reached unheard of levels, Democrats in entertainment were promoting drug use which devastated the black community, Democratic media was promoting single parenthood, as well as every possible racist stereotype.

 How can you anyone of color associate with these people? As group after group cycles through the ghettos, there is one constant, and I don't have to spell it out - and yet Democrats get re-elected year after year, despite failure on the level of a national holocaust?

What is it that Democrats have, what possible motivation could make voting for the party of the KKK, slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow and the permanent povertization of millions of people for a 150 years a rational choice?

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