Monday, July 30, 2012

Saying the Same Thing Again and Again

Some thoughts this summer as Democratic policies continue to wreak destruction on the black community:

Recall how Kennedy in 1968 proposed laws that led to the arrival of immigrants by the millions, all in an effort to import Democratic voters.  Just whose jobs did these immigrants take? The answer is jobs which were held almost exclusively by blacks - jobs which in a more equal environment could have been stepping stones to better employment.  Instead, these Democratic policies led to black unemployment.  

Democratic policies also destroyed the black family - I recall the articles in the old Newark Evening News about welfare "cheats" who had been found to have their husbands living with them.  Democrats ignored studies put out by D. Patrick Moynihan's organization in the 60's and 70's which predicted that such policies would result in the destruction of the black family. Nevertheless, Democrats pressed ahead, destroying the black family. This inevitably led to the present day criminalization of the inner cities - and elsewhere.  The lack of a father, and the inability of the mother to raise children alone required grandmothers to step in  - but the generation of these grandmothers is over.  And black communities in the inner cities are paying a bitter price - in Paterson New Jersey my brother in law described a rolling crime wave when the mostly black high school was let out. After the death of a homeless man the police were called upon to flood the area every afternoon.

And can you help but notice who is in the flash mob videos - although to even mention this or the awful lopsided crime statistics is now equated with racism under the conditioning of Democratic media. That conditioning means that nothing is done - and the leaders appointed by the Democrats in the black community are never criticized even as they get rich off the misery of the community they are supposed to represent.

What to do?  Black Democratic leaders claim that Republicans are a bunch of racists, but no group could possibly do worse than what the Democrats have done to the black community, which is nothing short of a holocaust in plain sight. My children went to a high school that was at least 25% black, and the honors classes were almost a form of segregation, since there were almost no black students taking honors classes.  I questioned this and got blank looks in return. The classes are open to everyone, but the community is not producing scholars - that takes two parents making sure the children do their home work.  In fact, the black community in my town is being supplanted by Latinos who have transformed an area that has been almost completely black since the Revolutionary war.  

All this thanks to Democratic policies - and if you say that Republicans were just as responsible for immigration policies the response is that wouldn't Democrats have some impetus to defend a community that gives them close to 100% support?  Instead of promoting policies that took away jobs?  And I do have black friends and they are universal in condemning immigration policies but you won't get that from black Democratic leaders who are more beholden to party than people.

Black leaders say that Republicans are a bunch of racist rich white guys but no one could have done a worse job of governing than the Democrats in the black community - they have caused destruction on a scale almost too horrible to imagine.  Under current conditions blacks give Democrats 100% of the vote - so why would Democrats be interested in changing anything?  

 And there is no hope for improving conditions.  We will have the same conversation in 2020, 2030 and onwards. Always black leaders ask for more for the poor - after half a century of Democratic rule black leaders should be in favor of tax breaks for the rich. But instead, year in year out it's the same thing - more for the poor.

Black leaders - any leader - must get beyond their conditioning and take a courageous stand - point out what the rest of the country knows but doesn't say since they have been silenced by Democratic media. And that's that the Democratic Party, the party of slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, the KKK and the destruction of the black family is responsible for the destruction of the black community.   

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