Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The thought when a child turns criminal: "where are the parents."  For many the answer is "nowhere." When children are raised in families without a father, in some cases without a mother or a father, or even a grandmother - the generation of grandmothers that took care of children after Democratic policies shattered families in the 70's is mostly gone, for the most part, or no one, that child will have problems. Forget about school, without parents, what these children learn about society is through media, which promotes a violent gangster lifestyle.

In fact, since attachment to family is natural in humans, the gangs become the substitute. You really think that the criminal justice system is going to deter someone who has found family in gangs? How would you react if you found family in a gang after getting nothing anywhere else?

  The point is this: blacks, though just over 10% percent of the population, commit over 50 percent of all murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults. Accordingly, isn't it reasonable to assume that there is something fundamentally wrong?

What has been done to the black community by Democrats was and is intentional, the suborning of the leadership, the inducement of governmental dependency through destruction of the family, the loss of the traditional employment to immigrants (employment which could have led to better things on a more level playing field) and, most important, the conditioning of the American mind by Democratic media to equate any mention of the awful statistics and the one party system in the black community with racism. Democratic leaders knew that community destruction would lead to one sided vote tallies, i.e. power.  There was more than enough evidence that destroying the family would induce dependence. That the community would be criminalized may or may not have been an unintended consequence - but it was criminal neglect since there was lots of evidence to suggest that destroying families leads to crime. 

Until someone starts talking about what's going on nothing is going to change. In the 80's people saying the problem in the community was no jobs. We then went through - thanks to Reagan's policies - a prolonged period of high employment. So Democrats could no longer blame lack of employment, in fact, you don't hear anything from them these days.   Democrats are willing to accept the status quo, while the community gets worse and worse - to the point...well look at that statistic to see where it is headed.

And there really is no hope for the future, there is nothing out there which indicates that conditions in the community are improving. In fact, it is just the opposite. And no one is talking about the real problem, which is the destruction of the black family by Democratic policies - a host of Democratic policies. Right now there is no incentive to change a thing - with Democrats getting close to 100% of the vote, with Democratic leaders and their followers making a fortune off the poverty industry, while delivering absolutely nothing, what possible reason is there for change?

After all family is a Republican issue. And if 50 years of Democratic allegiance hasn't improved the community, in fact has taken it backwards, Democrats don't cares are as long as the community votes the correct way and the right people are getting government money.

In short, while the rest of the country has steadily improved, Democratic media has conditioned the rest of us to ignore the black community, at the price of being labelled a racist, which for politicians is a virtual career killer. So you have one community responsible for 70% of most crime, that has been pillaged at will by Democrats which has induced conditions under which this has all been done, which has destroyed the family, which has taken away the will to be educated, which has impoverished this community under the very noses of the rest of the country, since the rest of the country is afraid to say a thing.

When a group of people - Democrats - commit the national equivalent of a holocaust shouldn't someone says something? It isn't as if it's a secret, although there is a powerful incentive to keep it all quiet - I note that recently someone brought up the 70% statistic on the Herald Riviera radio show, Riviera claimed it couldn't be true. Democratic media has been THAT successful at keeping all of this under wraps.

But, someone has to notice who is in those flash mob videos, someone has to notice what has happened in Rahm's Chicago, someone has to notice that year in and year out, for HALF A CENTURY for crissakes, the black community has been all about more for the poor, even as much of the rest got wealthier. And it isn't going to get any better - in fact , it is going to get worse since as every year passes less and less children in the community are raised in two parent families. With no one even talking about what's going really going on, unless and until someone does things wills imply get worse.

You would have thought by now that Democratic media would have to say something but the powerful incentive toward silence works on them as well.  But, how can you possibly hide all of this - how can Democrats expect the rest of us to stay quiet?

Democrats respond, like children really since they have nothing left other than to scream about racism.

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